What do the letters “L O Y A L T Y” mean to you?

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Generally, loyalty can be considered to be one’s faithfulness to commitments or obligations. We place inestimable value on things we choose to be loyal to. For some, it’s an abstract idea, like a man’s loyalty to his favorite football club, and for others, it could be loyalty to a behavior or habit, like shopping.

Loyalty to something means that the subject in question triggers a feeling or gesture within, that gives us a form of human fulfillment. It could also be family, friends or our jobs.

One’s loyalty is put to test when it is leveled on an even playing field against something else of value. One has to be picked, while the other is forfeited, on a level of priority basis.

A quick survey was done on a random sample of people. They were asked two questions. The first was “what makes women happy?”. Without hesitation, the most frequently mumbled answer was “money”. On that same population sample, the second question was asked. “What makes men happy?” To my surprise, multiple answers came up, like women, beer, money, and sports. Does this mean that a woman’s happiness is a function of the amount of money she has?

“Hmm, food for thought”.

Loyalty needs to be addressed from different POV (points of view), to one’s self, values, colleagues or team, and your organization. When put to the test, and a mouth watery offer is placed on the table, what will you do?


A fine young lady named Lola, was unemployed and without working experience, which made it even harder to be recruited by companies. She eventually got recommended by a family friend to Mrs. Yetunde, a top director at Skinnel Nigeria Limited, who took a shot at Lola.

Lola was very competent and hardworking, as she took on multiple tasks, and showcased her dedication to her job, which yielded in returns for the company. She was sent on training programs both locally and abroad which exposed her to new clients as well as broadened her horizon on new ways to adapt and take on managerial positions. She never let Yetunde down despite previous critics from colleagues and staff.

She was in charge of a new multimillion naira contract that would guaranty the company huge returns and collaborations if properly executed, when she tendered a resignation letter, effective immediately.

Coming into a company that operates on an open-door policy, where the staff treat each other like family, and everyone addresses each other on a first name basis, this was difficult to comprehend, especially for Yetunde, because she did not see this coming. She was super excited about the coming contract that she couldn’t even have noticed the signs if there were any, and coming from her “star girl”, it felt more like a low blow, because the coming contract was revolved around Lola.

Lola, on the other hand, had family issues. Her husband wasn’t earning much income, bills and family expenses (including her children’s school fees) kept piling up. Where she was, wasn’t just cutting it. Although in a couple of years, she would undergo a review and be eligible for the position of a senior manager, which comes with a huge bonus package, higher salary, and a company car allocated to her, she insisted on applying to other companies, where she eventually got an appointment call that suited her current income needs.

Although she tried to give a month’s notice to this effect, her current offer demanded that she resumed the vacant managerial position immediately.

Sad as she was, she sent in the resignation letter, dropped it on Yetunde’s desk, cleared her office, and headed out, in suspense, wondering what the new opportunity holds in store for her.

“Where did Lola’s loyalty lie?”

Was she loyal to money?

Was she loyal to her boss, her work team, or even the organization?

Or was she loyal to her family?

In the words of a great philosopher, poet, and Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, Burna boy, these are “Questions… wey no get answer”

What would you do if you were in Lola’s shoes?

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