Driving in Lagos is a real sport

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Thinking back to when I was still a learner, I always had this mindset that I could not drive in Lagos. I observed my friends and cousins drive back then, I just looked at the state in which people were driving. The commercial buses were always driving rough, they never signaled when making a turn. They just drive in and did not have a care in the world if the person in their rear moved. One can just decide to stop on the road and pick up passengers, it is a crazy world.

The tricycles (Keke) were savers of life then, I preferred entering Keke than buses. I just thought they were too rough, too slow and razz, there was a level of razz I associated with. I never liked leaving Ikeja if I’m not mobile, I would have to enter buses and you can miss your stop. Even though you tell the conductor where you are going to stop, they are always busy fighting one another or arguing. It is funny how they always get money daily but never have change(money), it surprises me! I wonder what they do with the cash they get from the previous day, why are they always angry? I guess it is the situation in Nigeria! Or it is just the way they are.

I just never liked buses, I drive most of the time and even the Keke I liked then is starting to get on my nerves. it is fun when you are going somewhere and they maneuver their way around, get you in front of others, after a stressful day of work. Now I am more worried about them not blocking my path and scratching the car. They kind of feel like they can enter anywhere. They are getting bolder every day, they stop anywhere, pick up passengers from any spot, It is annoying, what can I do.

Dispatch riders, laughing out loud, I think they should stop them but a lot of people will be unemployed. They really do not care about their life, they drive anyhow, always getting into accidents. I have always had issues with dispatch riders, I have this mindset that they have an extra life somewhere. I don’t understand they can just drive fast, not see when a car signals, they will run into the car, they never stop to apologize. Zoom, they are off to make delivery, they still end up being late.

Private drivers are worse than every other person on the road. The best mentality to have, it is to understand that you are the only sane person on the road. The minute you signal to the right or left, everyone rushes to cover up and not give you a chance, is there a rule against signaling in Lagos? I cannot relate, when driving, I always try to be sane. I signal to the right when I want to switch lanes but every other person drives like a crazy person. I guess if I cannot beat them, I will join them in the crazy act.

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