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How do we create a future in which both people and nature can thrive this is the biggest question of our times in the next few decades we need to do something unprecedented achieve a sustainable existence on earth but how do we do it.

We can start by understanding how he got to this point 20,000 years ago humankind consisted of less than a million hunters-gatherers across the globe we lived within the resources on offer in balance with nature the strategy that could theoretically last forever ,but  it wasn’t an easy life nature determined our survival we use our unique minds to challenge that reality we learnt how to tame the wild get more from the environment our population boomed as did our demands every time a new problem arose we solved it altering Earth’s entire surface in the process and now we have changed the world so profoundly scientists have decided that Earth has entered a new phase of its existence welcome to the Anthropocene  the age of humans the table have turned we now determine nature’s survival the planet is ours there’s just one problem we are now totally out of balance with nature and unless we get our balance back this age of humans its due to be short-lived so how do we deal with this problem when you boil it down there is one underlying big issue our planet is becoming less wild our species has cleared 3 trillion trees cultivated half its fertile land and now fishes across most of the ocean in the last 50 years the populations of wild animals have reduced by 60 percent. There’s very little wild left this biodiversity loss is not just a tragedy it’s the single biggest problem we face without biodiversity the world as we know it doesn’t work our planet needs its wild spaces everyone is a component in the global machine only if they are all healthy can the planet run smoothly a less wild world is less able to provide for our needs less able to maintain dependable weather and seasons less able to absorb our impact, biodiversity equals stability and stability is what we need most of all can we turn this situation around can we rewire the world well maybe due to one key change. The plan for our planet is remarkably simple reduce our impact by making sure that everything we do we can do forever for the biggest gains we could concentrate our efforts on four goals

  • Phasing out fossil fuels and replacing them with renewable this will not only slow the warming of the planet and the acidification of the ocean but it will lead to clean air for all of us upgrading to efficient food production and reducing our consumption of meat will require far less space to provide for ourselves leaving more for grasslands reducing deforestation and our demand for fresh water and feeding more people with healthier more affordable food
  • Manage the ocean: Working together to properly manage our ocean a global network of no fish stones and a treaty on the use of international waters would restore the health of the ocean so it actually produces more fish for us all to eat working hard to keep hold of the wild population we still have encouraging nature wherever we can in the ocean on land we no longer need and even in our cities, if we make these changes will be a long way to becoming a species in balance with nature once again we will have taken a remarkable journey from a million people struggling to survive to several billion living long healthy lives on a stable planet able to provide for all our needs only at that point will the Anthropocene the age of humans be truly underway at that point we will be proud to call it our planet.

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