Advertising on social media: most are scam

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Advertising is a form of marketing communication that has the intention to influence customers or change a customer’s perception of a product or service. There are basically 4 different types of advertising, digital advertising: which has to do with delivering contents of advertisements through various online and digital channels. It uses mediums like social media, emails, mobile applications, and search engines.

Video advertising has to do with displaying advertisements inside online videos streams like YouTube. Mobile advertising is a form of advertising, this uses text messages, it is done through network providers. These forms of advertisements are popular with firms and organizations, some companies have used this process in selling goods and services that are not up to standard. 

How can one truly trust the products and services that are being advertised, every day we go on social media. We see celebrities advertise products, we are fans of these celebrities, this means patronizing these products. I have heard stories of friends buying creams online, from Instagram, this product was marketed by a very popular celebrity, she has had acne issues for a while and tried so many products to treat it but it has not been fruitful. Seeing as one of her favorite celebrities has advertised this product, she felt compelled to try out the product, it actually worsened her acne. It took a lot of work and money to treat her face and the products were bad, do these celebrities even use the products? Are the products good enough to be released? What are the Nigerian agencies doing to curb the rate of bad products and advertisements online?

Personally, I have had my share of advertising scams or following online advertisements that did not end up well. A friend introduced me to an online investment she tried, she has invested a couple of times and she got her returns back. I got interested since I had some money saved in the bank since NYSC. 

Firstly, I tried with N200,000 for the first month, I got returns of N50,000, for the second month, same investment and returns. I decided to increase my stake and put in N500,000, the return came back without any delay, I think I got assured that the investment was safe then I introduced a friend, he invested N500,000, I also told a family member about it, she was pregnant and expecting soon, she invested N1,000,000. 

I also increased my investment to a certain sum, trying to raise and safe enough for my school fees. Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end, everything was going fine until my friend that introduced me called that the company is having issues and also asked if I did not invest with them.

I started hearing stories about how their offices were locked, people gathered there and were asking to see them but none were available. I was surprised to hear but I just had this mindset that everything was going to be ok, I tried not to worry about my money, I was more worried about the people I introduced to the investment, my family friend and my other friend, they have not gotten any returns on their investment, they just wasted money. 

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