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Thank God for Netflix, Coconut Bread, Caesar and yoghurt for making this happen (claps).  Even though Netflix played a crucial role. This is a very interesting comedy show, wait for rom-com (sighs). Who cares, the main thing is to put this show on your favorite list. You would need it for that bonding time with that special someone (make sure you add the blues). Netflix has given us, yet again, great content to enjoy from the comfort of our homes. “Never Have I Ever” is a very entertaining and funny series, also very educational. Children of immigrants don’t always have it easy in a foreign country.

Devi is an American with strong Indian roots, who is unenthusiastic about connecting with her cultural heritage. This show focuses on how she navigates High School while preparing for college. Devi suffered the loss of her Hero (father) to a heart attack in the most dramatic fashion; at a school event that she was performing in. This resulted in the paralysis of her legs, which lasted for up to a year. But this isn’t a sad tale, so she got her legs back thanks to her secret love for a certain someone. She’s on a mission to lose her virginity to her “prince charming”, but it is easier thought about than done right? “Never Have I Ever” is a look at how Devi uses her experiences to build herself and with the support of her culturally diverse clique of friends which were nicknamed “The U.N” connect with her new life. “Never Have I Ever” helps millennials and teenagers to know the importance of connecting with their ancestral roots and being proud of it even when faced with racial discrimination and cultural bias in the world around us. More also the struggles that each person goes through when dealing with complex traditional norms. We all have similar issues in one aspect of our life or we are causing the issue for others. This show provides a sense of clarity and serves as a tool for enlightenment.

Quite a lot of new faces in this show such as Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Lee Rodriguez, Jaren Lewinson among others. And also some familiar faces like Ramona Young, Niecy Nash, Poorna Jagannathan and some others that we cant go listing now, can we? Well go and get the show! This is a weekend; Christmas is coming and the white walkers are nigh (just kidding). On a serious note, Christmas is close and we all need to leverage this time in the interest of family and friends.



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