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                                “Wahala no dey finish for this life”


As I write this, I am first of all grateful for LBS restrooms on every floor. Those restrooms I am sure have seen many tears of joy and wahala. The restrooms are so neat you can relax without realizing where you are. 

All my life I have been either a student or a teacher. These roles require me to use pen and paper to write an exam, or what I am learning. I also write lesson notes, mark my students’ works or teachers’ lesson notes. Nobody ever whispered that the world uses Excel now. Even if they did, we just did not see the need to transition yet. 

So I carried myself to LBS and most of the courses required excel sheets. 

Nobody emphasized on it again, till I entered one chance. 

How Did It Start? 

Last week Friday, Dr. Okoye announced that we will have CFA test and we will use traditional method (pen and paper) to take the test. Throughout the week, my brain was on auto- balance preparing to balance my transactions. 

Test day finally came! 

I brought my papers from the house so that story will not enter. Two extra pens were in my bag just in case my balancing finishes my ink. I spent my morning hour in school going through jottings so I will not enter as tabula rasa.

My one chance moment 

We got into the classroom and Dr. Okoye said we will use excel to take the test!

It was at this point that I knew that ‘wahala no dey finish for this life.’ Someone that told us we will use paper and pen, I spent my time revising with the paper and pen, I could not even draw line on excel, where was I going to start from? 

Changes in the world

You see, the world is changing and only the people that can adapt to change will survive in this world.

A lot of people hold on to things that are no longer relevant in these days and times. Once upon a time, baba dudu was the main candy for children, today; my neighbour’s children could not even pronounce baba dudu. A whole baba dudu that I saved my allowance to buy does not appeal to me anymore or the children in this generation. 

Methods of teaching that were celebrated are no more in vogue; I mean some students learn with games now. 

Fashion is evolving. Even those that said they will never dress in certain ways have seen how odd they look in gatherings. 

Food is changing. 

Even dollar is changing, inflation is rising, why should you not rise? 

Back to my excel story

I knew my test, I had balanced it on my paper, but I could not transfer it to excel because, I did not adapt to the changes that were required for my work. But am I supposed to adapt to all the changes in the world? No, but there are changes that are necessary for your growth. You must accept them regardless of how you feel if you want to be relevant as the world changes.

In conclusion 

As wahala no dey finish for this life, you must accept the changes that are necessary or be ready to face more wahala. 

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  1. Wahala no dey finish true true, but whatever the wahala, we are ready!
    I like how you transitioned between the different parts of your story….well written Chinwe

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