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During the famous Brushup session. The course Nature of Human Beings is built mainly around basic human Behavior. What drives man? Why do we act the way we do? (Haha see me quoting LeHaye) This formed the very foundation of our business program. The primary purpose of running a business is to make profit (God bless accounting). Without humans, dogs could pay for services using attention. (Disclaimer: that is a pun.) Man is important to our dealings as a businessman. No wonder Karl Max, the author of the Communist Manifesto said;

Just as the savage must wrestle with nature to satisfy his wants, to maintain and reproduce life, so must civilised man, and he must do so in all social formations and under all possible modes of production. –

Karl Max

I tried to relive one of my work experiences centered around the positive and negative components of that social interaction called work. Work is an integral part of our fulfillment. We often spend more time at work than we do at home: that is why it is of great importance individuals work were the well being of the employees is an integral part of the office culture. I worked in the organization XYZ a government MDA. The most beautiful thing about that place was the guaranteed “job security”. Just as the saying goes “with great power comes great responsibility”; that is how the job security comes with many negative components.

One of these negative components is “the excessive freedom from constraints” the staff enjoy; this put a dent on the drive to work hard. The more you worked the more work you got; not because you didn’t meet your target but your colleagues didn’t meet their quota and the superior would reallocate the duty to you. This lead to brain drain and fatigue. My personal ideals didn’t support “the neglect of duty and responsibility” but; the work load was becoming cumbersome. The straw that broke the camel back is after all the work; benefits was assigned excluding you because you don’t have a “godfather” in management. This is just a few of the problems and it is predominant because the dignity of most  workers is often a tether to “Who referred them for the job” as for the rest, your time may come!

 Management saw us as expendable. The unemployment crises made things worse; for the female workers payment in kind for benefits they rightly earned was rampant. A more holistic approach is required to solve the issue. The adoption of one or two  humanistic models are essential. We could adopt the strategy “Vygon Spain” a “medtech company” used; to implement a more humanistic management, as a way to achieve a healthy organization. 

 The management of Vygon Spain integrated four models into their management approach:

1. Management by missions.

2.The basis of positive organizational psychology (POP), 

3.Transformational leadership and service leadership.

4. Management by competencies, 

Combining this 4 values the management of “MDA XYZ” would be able to create value; if the management reaffirm the company’s mission to the staff using seminars and by promoting a good work culture.

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