My owambe Lifestyle has been taken from me oo!!!!

Sylvia Anyaka Written by Sylvia Anyaka · 2 min read >

I am said to be the life of the party mama social as I am fondly called, if I am not there the party cannot hold I can organize and attend parties any time and day of the week it most not be a weekend, immediately they call me I am always ready I have even attended a party from a hospital bed before this is me for you I know you would be surprised, My family members have also gotten used to me and my party lifestyle and they understand it’s my style ,I can literally plan a party in a few hours and my friends planning their weddings would always call me for vendor ideas for food ,drinks and even wedding dresses trust me to always deliver, most times they wondered how come I knew the right vendors for things like wedding dresses when I haven’t been married before, whenever they asked I made them understand that I am their plug for all event .I had screenshots of the events halls and had and an excel sheet for their different prices without even knowing myself that  I was beginning to run an event planning business for my friends and family relatives for free.

At a point I started thinking of running an event planning business because I found out that I didn’t find the stress of hosting a party stressful but instead I saw it as fun. Back to my party lifestyle I attended three events in one day sometimes at a point people also followed up on my social media accounts to follow up on where the happening events are going on in Nigeria. Yes, I said Nigeria I could travel form one state to another just to party, I didn’t find it stressful it was fun for me and something I enjoyed doing though it cost some amount of money to party this hard in Nigeria, but I didn’t seem to care I had the mindset that we only leave once in life which made me the party person.

I recently got an admission to Lagos Business School to run my MBA program which was something I always wanted to although I never felt it was going to be demanding though my friend in LBS already running his MBA told me I had to be ready to read if I wanted to excel in LBS. I didn’t think it was that intense I felt it was something I can still do with my social lifestyle ,So I resumed school and started with my brush up classes during one of the sessions I had a Time Management lecture and I made mention to the lecture that I was a social person and he made it clear to me that I would have to forget about partying for now because I wont have time for any partying including during the weekends because of all the school activities and assignments I would have to do ,I still didn’t believe him in fact when he said it I just smiled and felt he was joking and just wanted to scare me but its been close to two months into the program and I have come to realize that it was no joke at all, I have hardly had time for myself I barely get five hours of sleep every day when my friends call me for parties now I tell them I am busy reading a case or I have a presentation tomorrow and I am preparing for it which is the story of my life now indeed my owambe lifestyle has been taken from me.

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