I Forgot to Water My Seed

GLORY UDOH Written by GLORY UDOH · 1 min read >

I am better! I am better than I was when it all went down. It was good for me that I have been afflicted, for had I not been afflicted; I would have never known the glory of God. I am better for it! I did not like it, but I am better for it. I could not see the life but I am better for it. You said I was planted in a dark place where my sight did not work for me but I am better. For every time I went through something dark and could not see my way out; you reminded me that, I have been planted and not been buried.

I had the seed but did not know how to water it. It is said that, watering is the last step before increase. I have not been burnt out; I have not been buried. I have not been down and out beyond God’s help; because every time I got down he watered me. That’s the difference between been buried and been planted. Humans do not water things that are buried; we water things that are planted. I choose to water this season and moment. I choose to allow the Holy Spirit to get a hold of me real good.

It is God’s will for me to have increase. Nobody teaches one without the hope of having increase. It is not the learning but the digesting of the information that is important. This is just one element of it but if one does not know what to do with the information; what good is it?  I can tell you how to lose weight, you can write books about losing weight but if you do not do what is been told you, it would not work! What good is it to know it, if you do not do it? So, faith without works is dead.

So, Apollo’s began to approach this, because he wanted me to understand that, it is God that gives the increase. Hurray! To those who plant. Hurray! To those who water. But, it is God that gives the increase. It was important I understood that, to be planted is destiny concealed; to have increase is destiny revealed. So, when I plant a seed; I do not plant it as if the planting were the final destination.

As humans, when we plant a seed we don’t see it anymore. Its destiny is concealed in the hopes that ultimately, it will become a stalk of corn or an apple tree or it was you planted. In between the destiny concealed and the destiny revealed is something we call watering; and I thought, as dynamic as the text may be to crumple with the notion of being planted and to grumble with the notion of having increase; seemed totally irrelevant if I do not stop by the station of watering. This is because, watering is the last step before increase. It is the transition point between what is concealed and what is revealed; and without the benefit of watering, the destiny will die in the ground never reaching its potential. Simply because, it has never been watered. Here is me asking, have you ever been watered?

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