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Life is Short! Live Intentionally

Anthonia Nnabuko Written by Anthonia Nnabuko · 3 min read >
Life is short

My Emotional Piece!

This piece I’m about to write is so personal and still hurts. I write with emotions even though I cannot change the hands of time. The essence of writing this is not for sympathy but to bare my mind and maybe get better (eventually). More than before, I understand that the life we are in is a gift. Every second is a special gift from God that must be spent and lived intentionally. You must take responsibility for your life and let every second count. Hence my reason for intentional display of kindness, love and always wanting to help people in my own little way. Life is short, live everyday with purpose! You may have your own life experience but what will you do differently going forward? The past no longer exist, focus on today for your future. Live intentionally my dear.

Inside Life!

I was talking to two of my friends (Edwina and Abimbola) earlier this week. While expressing an aspect of their life and all that they’ve been through, I said to myself “thank God we don’t look like what we’ve been through”. Well, I later said it out and they confirmed the same. I understand life has happened to us all, some more than others. Life events we do not want to ever talk about, things we will rather leave in the past. Wounds left covered, decisions we wish we can unmake, persons we wish we never had contact with. At the same time, we have met amazing people we are grateful for, people who have impacted us positively. Steps taken that have made us more successful, decisions that have made us better. Also, a few friends we always want in our corner.

It is difficult to write this story, maybe because the pain is fresh, but I will. So, my friends advised I pour it out to feel better and I think pouring it out will make you (my reader) be more intentional about life. I may not share lots of details for now but focus on the message therein. “Life is short”

Zero Shock Absorber!

It was a calm Saturday afternoon, 4th of September 2021, I was packaging delivery for customers as a foodie that I am when my phone rang. A Nurse from LASUTH was calling. I picked and straight to the point, she said “we are so sorry to let you know that your sister couldn’t make it. We need you to carry her body from our facility. The ambulance will be booked for you, just make sure to tell the family and come over immediately”.  Well, I cannot express what happened afterwards because my life paused, I think it flashed before me. My husband has the details (story for another day). Just remember, life is short!

Yet Another Shock!

A week after, while mourning my sister and really trying to concentrate on ‘brush up’ in LBS as a distraction, I got another call. One of my best friends returned to his country, slept, and did not wake up. James was an only child and a single parent with two kids, he was just 39 years old. He’s had it very rough and his single mother went through a lot to ensure he enjoyed life. James death was unfair to his mother and his young daughters, my pain was compounded.

Till now, I lost words to quantify the pain I feel. Some days better than some others but most days, sleep becomes luxury. My expression when I remember is to cry it out, I get better and I move. I try not to let it weigh me down so much because life is happening every second. Every ‘hard girl’ is human with emotions, it is okay to cry. Though a pain I may never heal from but I keep moving forward regardless. Tell me, how do you heal from losing your only sister? Grateful for strength to be here, it is not easy at all. But life is short, so we keep moving intentionally regardless of all life has thrown or will throw at us!

Life is Short!

It is possible you feel sympathy and concern for me while reading this piece, I appreciate. Beyond the sympathy, I want you to focus on the point “life is short” because it is why I am sharing this with you. See my dear readers, tomorrow is never assured, lots of people die per minute. It is the reality, though you may say ‘God forbid’. You must live everyday intentionally, enough with the procrastination. The things you have listed out to do, start doing them now because tomorrow doesn’t end. I understand the scripture that says, “we shall not die but live…”. I am not wishing you death but opening your eyes to life! Life is a gift and not living intentionally in itself is death.  Remember, life is short!

Live Intentional!

Nobody is responsible for your life more than you are, it is your life after all meaning you are in charge. You must take responsibility for it. Take ownership, stir the boat in the direction to fulfilment. Live life intentionally and be happy. Bad things happen to good people too you know and the truth is that life is not fair just like grace and favor isn’t fair. I pray you live long; I pray no evil comes near you; your family is protected always. Also, I pray you receive wisdom to be intentional about your life because life is short. Please, live everyday with kindness and love for yourself and others.

Love, Live, Laugh!

The love you do not have for yourself cannot be given to another. You can’t give what you don’t have. Hope you know that you are not young forever? The future you’ve always crave for to achieve your dreams is now! The best time to act on your plans is today.  Don’t wake up tomorrow and start asking how come you’re 50 years. What did you do with your youth? So, my dear, what you can do today, why postpone till tomorrow that is not assured? Live your life to the fullest and take God with you every step. Love, live, laugh and enjoy life while you still have it because life is short. P.S: I hate hearing “sorry for your lose”. Thank you for your understanding

Written by Anthonia Nnabuko
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  1. Thank you Antho💕 for this reflective piece.
    Many of us have been down this road. In all of it, we thank God.

    I’m genuinely in awe of your strength. In my short time with you, I’ve witnessed you devote yourself to service, and it’s remarkable how you do it joyously while carrying such emotional expressions in your heart.

    …do not be dismayed, for your help and strength comes from the Lord. You’ll always be in my prayers.💕

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