Ethical Dilemma and Solutions

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It is difficult to maintain harmony as opinions of individuals vary, stakes are high and emotions run strong. This may give rise to ethical issues which in turn can become ethical dilemmas. This essay will discuss the ethical dilemma I experience in my workplace and how I resolve it.

On one hand, various employees tend to spend much of their time working, they tend to spend much of their time conducting personal businesses on company time. However, being in a position where your ethics are questions is a difficult situation. As manpower service providers, we are required to stick to the rules and regulations to provide the clients with the best possible services. Nevertheless, I bumped into unethical behaviour when a client whom I knew requested me to do him a favour. In my area of duty, I attended to many people. Furthermore, a client gave me a call and was quickly notice it was my neighbour. He asked if he could fill out the application for his company to provide the service, without proper due diligence to confirm if he can provide the services. I only had two forms left, and I had promised two clients to come for the forms the same day. At this particular moment, I could not photocopy these original forms, but since it was my neighbour, I went ahead and gave him one of the forms.

Finally, the other two clients came at the same time and I was to give them the forms as I had promised. I was in a state of quagmire figuring out whom to give one form that I was left with after giving my neighbour one of the forms. I had to send one of them outside so that I can give the form to one and lie to the other client. In the workplace, this act was unusual and I felt that I had done a mistake and I should consider looking for a solution.

On the other hand, putting things in a proper perspective and I had to employ what I believed was right base on the code of conduct within the organization. Since all the clients left their phone numbers, I had to call the one that went without a form to come for her form in two days. As much as I felt that I had dealt with the problem, I had to apologise to her for any inconveniences, and I explain to her what I did, and assure her of following the guideline in selecting the company to provide the service in line with the mission and vision on the organization. In conclusion, employees are faced with numerous situations whereby they are forced to choose when faced with an ethical dilemma. However, they must stay put to deal with every situation as it presents itself. Favours, should not be encouraged in the workplace because they can lower the dignity of the employee and the reputation of the organization

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