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Change Formation; Win the game.

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Game play

I am no referee nor an advisor on the International Football Association Board (IFAB), but if I were, I would request a rematch. No! as the commentator-in-charge, I demand a replay. (What authority do I have? Commentator? Demand? Rematch? lol na talk I sabi oh). Regardless, Dear Humans, let’s work together to change the score and support the Earth in winning this game.

Humanity Vrs The World

As evident in football, there is order in positioning, unique strategies, and gameplay for winning. Likewise, we live in a world that demands balance. It is guided by order, and can naturally use and restore its form with less interference and destruction from human activities. Hence, with other living creatures, we are responsible for the continuous existence and harmony of the world especially our immediate environment. 

Class Today

In Business Ethics class this week, we explored the topic ‘Responsibility to society and making good business sense. Furthermore, we reviewed a Netflix documentary on environmental sustainability. Boy! the sad realities addressed were frightening yet, action motivating.

According to the video, promoting biodiversity, investing in education, adopting a sustainability approach in our personal and economic activities are man’s best bet for the restoration, safety, and promotion of our ecosystem. This sets a responsibility for humanity to protect, preserve and facilitate the healing and promotion of our ecosystem by being environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

Why environmental sustainability?

With biodiversity, every organism, species, and creature is a contributing player for a working global machine, only if they are all healthy can the planet run smoothly. A less wild world is less able to provide for our needs, maintain the weather and seasons, and less able to absorb our destructive and economic impacts. Therefore, Biodiversity = Stability = Survival.

Descriptively, let’s view it in a common language most people (especially Demilade, JohnPaul and Taiwo) would appreciate.

The Winning Formation

Liverpool 2021 formation


Humans are the forwards (strikers). Despite our limited population in comparison to other players in the field (if the solar system is about 163.33×1011 times greater than humans then the universe must be infinite times greater than a human), we are uniquely in an attacking position. Being the fierest player, we are always playing nearest to the planet’s goal post, and are therefore most responsible for scoring goals – harmful economic activities, pollution, deforestation, etc.

Our advanced position and limited defensive responsibilities mean we (forwards) normally score more goals on behalf of their team than other players hence, the ill effects of Anthropocene.


Animals are the midfielder because they serve both plants and humans. For instance, serving as a source of manure to plants and meat for man.

Also, Microorganisms serve are the midfielders. Similarly, they are found everywhere in the environment, playing a leading role in countless natural processes. Among other things, they also operate the basic drug cycles that are necessary for the plant’s supply of nutrients via the reaction of organic matter in the soil.


Plants are the defenders. They are split into more specific positions based on their coverage of the left, center, or right sides of the field. Their entire existence services the planet from providing oxygen, preventing erosion, mangroves protecting our waterways, etc.


Evidently, our ecosystem has the most specialized position in the sport. Its primary role is to prevent humanity from extinction and total destruction. It provides a habitat for wild plants and animals. Our ecosystem promotes various food chains and food webs. Additionally, it controls essential ecological processes, promotes lives, and is actively involved in the recycling of nutrients between biotic and abiotic components.

The earth has a natural restorative ability hence, over the years, we have seen it moving the ball over the defended goal-line within the frame of the goal just to keep the team safe from losses. we all need the world thereby, making it the most required position of a team occupied by only one (1) with no competition nor replacement as seen in the image above. The earth is only one, we must do all we can to protect, preserve and promote our ecosystem.

The Game Plan

The Netflix documentary mentioned initially, sets the pace on how to promote symbiocene, ensure balance, and environmental restoration to avoid the ill effects of Anthropocene or Catastrophism caused by our economic operations, destructive activities, and the increasing demands to meet the needs of our increasing population. 

Indicatively, if we follow the formation in the image above, we are guaranteed a positive chance of winning. Balance is vital. We must promote, protect and preserve the essence of all team players. We can only win or avoid scathing hits/ losses when we promote symbiocene – a mutual agreement and existence amongst all players.

In order to win, we have to be good team players – recognize the effects of our unethical economic and personal (household) actions (energy, water consumption, corruption, food and agricultural activities, waste disposal, etc.), accept the importance and role of other players, recognize our advantages, employ our technologies and get to work.

“It is time”, says the Coach

These teachings have broadened my view to the world around me and the bewildering effects of our activities. As humans, Organizations, and Nations, it is time to think on a planetary scale. Ensure and promote environmental sustainability in all our decisions and actions.

It is time to embrace the challenge of acting responsibly (social and environmental) even in our closets. It is time to do what we do best – Be innovative. Find and implement simple and complex solutions necessary to change and sustain our world daily because, without it, aliens may just score a goal (lol). I know I don’t want to be in the Manchester United FC position ever. So, I urge us please, let’s join forces and get to work. It is simple – start with energy-saving activities, water consumption, and proper waste disposal at home or office.

It takes one step, one man, and the support of many, to make a change.

Until next time. Think, Act on a Planetary Scale and stay safe.

Article by Ezinne Okuku

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