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That Sweet Sugary Goodness

Olumide Olasope Written by Olumide Olasope · 2 min read >


Sugar is so common in our daily diet that we don’t give it much thought. We consume them in multiple forms with close to no reflection on how it affects our bodies.

Weight Gain

Straight to the elephant in the room; when people think sugars, they instantly think weight gain, and they are right. Social media used to scapegoat fats for all weight gain issues, and it was easy to accept because they are fats and you get fat. Yes; a very fatty diet is also not good for you, but it isn’t the main cause of weight gain in our current society; that would be sugars without a doubt.

Sugars are not inherently bad, the key to everything in our diets is moderation. The famous quote says it all, “the poison is in the dose”; literally anything can be “poisonous” if taken in a large enough quantity.

With advances in technology and nutrition, science has been able to cram more and more sugar into smaller foods in surprisingly creative ways. This has led to the tiniest snacks containing obscene amounts of sugars

Empty Calories

 Sugars cause a lot of weight gain; empty calories make that weight gain extremely easy. They are called “empty” because they have no nutritional value but are packed with calories through sweeteners or sugars. A lot of things fall in this category; cereals, sweetened drinks, candies etc.

The body needs nutrients to run efficiently, constantly consuming empty calories would not stop your body from craving real food. This ends with you eating the empty calories and still eating real food on top of this.

Drinkable Calories

At the top of the worst offenders in the empty calories department are drinkable calories. They are easy to consume, are packed with calories and are the hardest to avoid. The reason they are hard to avoid is because your only real alternative is water and people get bored with water fairly quickly. They are everywhere, marketed extensively and usually within arm’s reach.

Drinks in general are really bad because they have calories in them but your stomach remains empty. So, your brain is in this state of confusion where you have calories for energy but your stomach is empty, which leads to you still feeling hungry, and in the end consuming more calories.

Should We Completely Avoid Sugars?

The answer is really just “Yes!” If the sugar is processed, it is simply not good for you. Natural sugars in fruits are best, but only if you take them with the pulp of the fruit. The pulp allows the sugar to be slowly absorbed into the blood stream, which gives your body time to process it. Even with natural sugars, freshly squeezed fruit juices are a trap, because it is a lot of sugar hitting you at once.


You might not be able to completely cut out processed sugars from your daily diet; but it is best to start somewhere. A start from cutting out drinkable calories alone is enough to see significant progress in weight loss and better health in general. As you slowly cut out these processed sugars, it becomes easier to cut out more and more; until you have completely overcome your dependence on them.

It might be a slow start, and you could fall back into old habits from time to time; just keep at it and eventually it would be one of the best decisions you took.

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  1. No! leave my sugar, Olumide. My Julie Andrews says – “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in a most delightful way. ” So, come catch me if you can #sugarrush

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