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As much as it would be intriguing to talk about the thrilling action movie “Nowhere to run” starring the famous Belgian actor “Jean-Claude Van Damme” on his quest for survival by risking everything, including his freedom in order to save the life of a beautiful lady, I would like to introduce a rather astounding plot twist which focuses on humans using every available means, to create awareness for the survival of our planet, which is at risk of losing its natural life as we know it.

Nigeria is inexorably in a state of crisis. The close-eye approach we give towards biodiversity, environmental growth, development, and sustainability will inevitably come and bite us in the back unless we tackle the problem and develop solutions and ways to contain the climate changes caused by gas emissions to the atmosphere, excessive deforestation, contamination of our water with toxic chemicals, and lack of renewable energy for power supply.

The documentary, hosted by Ken Saro Wiwa Jnr. Highlighted certain goring problems facing Nigeria, the government, and its people. The environment is being highly polluted, there’s a constant shift in weather and climate conditions, poor drainage systems, high level of desertification (drylands causing little or no supply of crops and vegetation, lack of water, high level of migration into other areas that are already highly populated, and increased level of sand filling (influenced by the Sahara Desert).

Cattle grazing has driven herders and their livestock to other parts of the country in search of food and land to cultivate crops and rear animals for man’s consumption, and also serve as a means of livelihood. This alone has increased the level of insecurity in the country as those without alternatives are left with no choice but to carry firearms, steal, and result in violence out of a need for survival.

Certain areas of the country have lost access to water, as Lake Chad which was once measured at 26,000 square kilometers has shrunk over the years, and is now recorded to be at 2500 square kilometers.

Also, emissions into the atmosphere have sparked serious environmental hazards that are considered harmful, also killing a lot of crops, livestock, and even humans, due to the harmful health risks (like cancer) associated with its spread in the atmosphere.

Not to mention the massive oil spillage in the Niger Delta region that has left a lot of people homeless, their farmlands, water, and agricultural produce for consumption contaminated, skin diseases, carbon absorptions discouraging biodiversity, people pushed to the extreme, resulting in violence.

The Mangroves that serve as resistance against the ocean are all dead, and results in overflooding communities, leading people out of their homes and rendering them homeless, most of the natural resources (plants, animals, energy sources) are all destroyed from pollution and exposed toxic substances to the environment.

The high level of deforestation results in an increase in heat temperature and global warming due to the carbon substances released by factories that have nowhere to go, and damage the ozone layer. Unless different mechanisms are put in place to serve as alternatives and curb deforestation, people will continually bring down trees to provide shelter, cook their food, earn a living, etc., and all these damage the planet, and cause environmental insecurity. The overpopulation of people has also led to the replacement of soil with concrete in order to provide shelter.

Nigeria since time memorial has been faced with power problems, and the country is blessed with natural resources like wind velocity and solar radiation, capable of being converted to renewable sources of power, but we cease to harness and adopt these alternatives due to high level of corruption. The country is already faced with a high level of insecurity, poverty, sickness, unemployment, lack of power, good education, basic amenities like shelter, clothing, food, and we do not seem to give proper attention to solving these problems we are faced with.

“He who burns down his father’s house inherits the ashes”.

“What are we going to leave for our children and future generation to come?”

“We have nowhere to run”.

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