‘Sorosoke (‘Loud Speaking’) Generation’

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‘Coconut Head’

I belong to the ‘sorosoke generation’, some call us ‘coconut head’ (stubborn), in the right way, we are! A generation that officially got woke in the year 2020 and decided to start speaking up. We have been speaking loudly since then and we are not stopping anytime soon. A generation that is unapologetic for doing the right things, we are not timid. We confront corrupt leaders with the truth and include receipts to justify our actions and views when needed. The ‘sorosoke generation’ also helps reunite families, provide job opportunities, identify bad people, support businesses & individuals. We have several members all around the world and the sweet part is, there’s no need to physically see to be in sync. The connection is real, genuine, and focused on same goal.

The Intention

The youths have taken responsibility to act in the right direction. We got tired of statuesque, tired of just complaining and decided to act. We are consciously taking our country to the promise land of opportunities, securities and good educational system amongst others. While we are aware it will take a long time due to the deep cut, we have begun. No longer timid, no longer afraid to be heard, this is our Jerusalem and herein is our peace. We are more educated and politically oriented; some already got their permanent voters Card (PVC) with more of us trying to get and maybe, joining political parties.

On a Journey!

We are on a journey. Some will die, but for the right course. A journey where we will be arrested, jailed, imprisoned, beaten, and even threatened. Our confidence is in the result we desire, the result we deserve and the result that is possible. May be not for us but for our dear children, born and unborn. We do not forget the place of prayers, therein lies our spiritual warfare and supplication while we take action in the physical realm. There is an understanding that life is spiritual but we know that faith without work is dead. For almost 40years, I have heard complaints and talks, now is time for action until God says ‘cut’. Wondering where to start? Begin from your immediate environment, handle that leadership role with dignity, love your neighbor as yourself, not for gain. Help as many as you can, feed people, show empathy!

We are Nigerians!

We are not racists, we are not a religious body, we are Nigerians who wants better living. My country should not harass me through the police force for choosing to be on dreadlock, for piercing my nose, for using more than a phone or for driving the best of cars. Living the good life as a Nigerian does not mean my source of income is illegal. It does not mean I am involved in activities that go against Nigeria’s law and order. I work hard and smart; treating myself right with luxurious things is only normal, enough with the harassment!

No to Scam!

I am not supporting few young Nigerians involved in cyber scam and other illegal act. More than 70% of us are legit, smart, highly intelligent and innovative; the positive impact we make in and outside of Nigeria is proof. The youths are doing great things in all parastatals, we just need an enabling environment to spring forth more. Nigeria government need to leave greed and selfishness to focus on the numerous agendas promised during campaign. We want accountable, humane, godly and ethical behavior in all public sectors (health, education, youth empowerment, technology etc).

We Have Begun!

The revolution started physically on the 20th October 2020 and it is just the beginning. There is an awakening that will not die anytime soon. We have been termed ‘leaders of tomorrow’ for so long when in truth, we are the leaders of today. We are changing the narratives from our environment. Yes, we are the ‘coconut head’ (stubborn) generation and cannot be silenced. There is no need waiting for tomorrow, the time for action is now. I belong to the ‘sorosoke generation’ unashamed and yes, I am a Child of God!

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