Two months until 2021 is over, but who’s counting anyways. This time last year, my friends and I decided to commit  to the...

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Two months until 2021 is over, but who’s counting anyways.

This time last year, my friends and I decided to commit  to the ritual of early awakening, a 21day directive: Wake up at 5.00am, and practice the 20-20-20 principle – 20 min exercise, 20 mins to grow and improve yourself and 20 min to reflect and renew inspired by Robin Sharma. So we joined the “5 am club”. We trained ourself to wake up early for 21 days straight at 5 am.

Wake up with the sun, sit in front of the sun in the morning or throughout the day if you can.

We would also prepare for sleep because the quality of our sleep is more important than the quantity of sleep and that has everything to do with when you stop connecting to technology and preparing yourself for sleep at least 2 hours before bedtime.

The 10 min before and after we wake up was very important because it trained our subconscious mind what to believe. We reviewed what were are grateful for at the start of the day. we laughed to get your body in a place where laughter feels comfortable.

When we woke up, we would usually ask the question:

“What would I do today if today was the last day of my life?”

Thinking about how to spend your time on the last day of your life really changes everything.

So let me share the knowledge from the Robin Sharma rabbit hole I embarked on after I started the 21day journey. Frankly, I wanted to know who this man was, and what he stood for if I was going to wake up early to stare at the sun because he thought it was a good idea.

I decided to read his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and watch a number of his videos online to really understand more about his philosophy and rules for living. The book is really an allegory on how to live and how to become the best version of yourself. Paulo Coelho, the man who knows all about metaphor and author of The Alchemist, (another interesting read; a book I really love), even gave him a coveted shoutout on the cover.

While some of the information wasn’t new, there were some powerful advice that stuck, especially what the reformed lawyer turned Monk Julian shares as the “10 Rituals of Radiant Living”, ten rituals passed down to him by the fictional Sages of Sivana. Today, I will like to create a high-level overview of one of my favorite of this ten rules. One that I am so inclined to.

The ritual of personal reflection also the power of inner contemplation.

Personal reflection is nothing more than the habit of thinking. By taking the time to get to know yourself, you will connect to a dimension of your being that you never knew you had. we all have many sleeping talents inside of us. So by taking the time to get to know them, we kindle them. Get into the regular habit of personal introspection

At the end of the day, write down or reflect on how you’ve spent your day. The practice of doing a daily review is important as habits can keep you stuck for months, years, and even a lifetime. Over 90% of people’s thoughts are the exact same thoughts every single day, so mastering your thoughts and your mind has a direct impact on how your life turns out. In your reflections, write down the pros and cons of your day. Review dominant thoughts, especially negative ones, and reprogram them. Ask yourself why they keep showing up and how you can change them.

I said all this to share my experience and let you know that I’m due for a 20-20-20.

You should try it!

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