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My Most Priced Experience This Week

Abimbola Kayode-Badmus Written by Abimbola Kayode-Badmus · 2 min read >
My Most Priced Experience

I am quite expressive; I like to tell someone or people how my day went. Once the faculty mentioned that we had to blog three times a week, while also mentioning some other expectations, it seemed overwhelming, but I quickly understood its essence, and it made me look forward to penning my thoughts.

A Quick Deep Introduction of Myself

My name is Abimbola Kayode-Badmus, formerly Oke. For some reasons, I was glad to leave my maiden name and embrace my husbands name, mainly because I am not really a fan of Ondo people (story for another day).

When I finished my University education, I immediately got a relatively good paying job. The opportunity to do an MBA at the Lagos Business School came, but my excuse was; I don’t have time for an MBA now, I have to focus on being the best at my job.

5 years later, another opportunity to do my MBA at the LBS came my way, but this time, I was working, married and with a 9 months old baby girl. My excuse was; I have a child, there is no way I can juggle school, work and being a mom.

Fast-forward to 2021, I had thought a lot about the benefits of having an MBA at the LBS. My mind was made up, so I told my husband I WAS READY, only that this time; I am working, I am married, and I HAVE TWO KIDS; an almost 2 years old and a 2 months old. Nothing was going to stop me. No excuses anymore. It then dawned on me, there is never a better time. JUST DO IT.

You know what is worse? I live in Ikorodu and I go from there to Ajah (LBS) everyday.

Abimbola, How Do You Do It?

Some of my classmates who know my story have asked me this question, exactly this way. Here is how I do it;

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  • I have a live in help and my very supportive Mother In Law stays with me (for now).
  • Once I wake at 5am, I pump at least 360ml of breast milk for my two months old, then breastfeed her immediately after.
  • I leave home at 7 am, park my beautiful RAV 4 (a birthday gift from my husband by the way) at the ferry in Bayeku, then use the boat to Ajah. I get into school 8:50 or thereabout.
  • I ferry back, take my bath, pump breastmilk for the midnight, breastfeed, help my first child (Kiki) with her home work, make dinner for her, make sure she goes to bed at 8, then finally go to bed at 10pm (on most days).
  • You might be wondering how I get to read. Most times, I read during break in school, or I stay in school for some hours after my lectures, and at other times, I read on the boat. I do my assignments and read cases at about 3-4am.
  • Has it been easy? It’s been only one month into the MBA, and I no longer think I have a life. Once I am scrolling through Instagram, I feel some guilt. I don’t even bother going to Netflix because I feel like I am wasting my time.
  • Here is the twist. I enjoy all I am doing, and I do not feel bad at all. The reward is certainly greater than my experience. I cannot wait to share my MBA knowledge with the world once the programme ends.

You Thought I forgot?

I did not forget I was supposed to share my most priced experience this week, I just wanted you to really get to know me first. My Saturday Blog posts will always be about my experience that week. Sometimes the names will be fictional, at other times, they will be real. Dear classmates, try not to ask me the concluding part of any experience I put up here. Leave your questions in the comments, and I promise to attend to them.

Finally, the experience

My friend was bent on having her baby on her birthday, so she opted for a Caesarean Session. Surprisingly, she fell into labour, so she thought she should give vagina birth a try.

She got into the hospital 12pm of her birthday, she was scheduled for CS 3pm of the same day, but labour began at about 2pm. By 7pm, my friend was still in labour, this time, 5cm dilated.

Once it was 9pm, she said she was not interested in Vagina birth anymore and was ready for the CS. Surgeon got to the hospital at 10pm (imagine), ready for her surgery, but an emergency case came in, and the surgeon could not make it back till 12:28am of the next day.

This time, my friend was just 6cm dilated. She was rolled in for an emergency CS, and her bundle of joy was handed to her. A day after her birthday. At the risk of sounding religious, I will like to say; Man proposes, God disposes.

Your Brand is your story

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  1. WOW! Abimbola, the Superwoman. Thank you for sharing your truth and experience. It is not easy and you have proven that success is in taking it one day at a time and giving it your very best. Thank you for such an inspiring share.

  2. The LBS MBA experience was tough and loaded for a single guy like me at the time I did mine, so I do no envy mothers or even suckling mothers at that. Thanks for sharing and keep juggling it so we think its easy on the outside. lol.

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