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How to Cheat, without a Clue – Call of Duty

Chinodebem Onyemenam Written by Chinodebem Onyemenam · 2 min read >

We all know, the game of Call of Duty is supposed to be one of strategy, precise manipulation of the joystick, impeccable movement and visions, but truly speaking, the level of oversights present within such a game, it is not only a tall order but pretty much a useless one, as with one precise movement, a hacker in the game can take you out, and boy we know Call of Duty is a den of hackers, so let’s not kid ourselves and try to analyze things you could’ve done differently, because there is nothing you could’ve done against a player how knows your every move, instead, let me teach you to know your opponents every move, and enjoy this entertainment called Call of Duty.

Cheating As a Fine Art 

Cheating on Call of Duty game is a given, you can be sure that once you reach a certain level in the game, you are faced with only cheats. Your ability to recognise your opponent movements, predict his manoeuvres, anticipate his weaponry will be brought to the fore. CoD has become a hack-zone and this is partly due to the careless development of the game, but to be very honest, it makes the game more fun to play.

Here are some tips to ensure you are entertained whilst gaming:

  1. Play Call of Duty on PC:

Playing Call of Duty on Console heavily limits your ability to hack, as a console is a closed platform, and the present-day hacking tools involve injecting malware into the game to superimpose certain features over the game, such as;

a. Wall-hacks: This is the ability to see your enemies movements through the wall, mountains, vehicles etc. literally makes your enemy visible no matter where he or she is.

b. All Weapon unlock: CoD has a very special and twisted way of design – the newbies are treated like they don’t matter (in my opinion) as all the odds are stacked up against them, odds like; low-quality weapons and attachments. all these make them an easy kill in the game. The hacks unlock every weapon, skin and attachment to turn you from an easy target to a manoeuvring pro.

c. Operators Unlock: just like the weapons and attachments, newbies have it hard coming into the game, they are assigned with simple operators/soldiers with very simple skills and abilities, again, the cheats levels the playing ground to ensure fun.

2. Download and Register on cheat sites:

Cheat sites provide a source of the purchase and download of these injectables or hacks which will be used to superimpose features into the gameplay. These sites are usually foreign-owned and there are a lot of fraudulent and fake sites that sell duds, so it is important to know which ones you can trust.

a. Engineowning:

Engineowning has been here for a relatively long time (since 2014) and has shown excellence in performance, ease in injection, consistency in upgrade and very high undetectability.

Undetectability: Gaming sites like CoD are always on the lookout to finding cheats, this is why your cheat site must have a very high-quality undetectability, else your account will get banned and your gaming PC will be permanently banned. Don’t worry though, read on and learn how to permanently prevent this. 

b. Cynical Software:

Ranked my second best, has all the qualities Engineowning has, a bit more pricey and tricky in injecting, but all round a very good buy.

SPOOFING – The key to clueless cheating:

As you enjoy the game of CoD, fellow players will become suspicious of your relatively impressive skills and may opt to report you, this happens to everyone regardless of whether one is cheating or not, but being reported is not a bad thing, you need a whole lot of reports to be served a shadowban (here, the Activision crew of the Call fo Duty game will review the cases reported about you, if they feel you were not cheating you will be able to play again, else you will be permanently banned with your HWID banned, meaning that you will need to buy a new system to play CoD), and here is where SPOOFING comes in play.

Spoofing hides the HWID of your playing computer just like a VPN hides your online ID (simply put), it masks it so that even if banned, you can create a new account and also be able to generate a new cleanHWID to enjoy the game, regardless of your previous account being banned.

This is very important as being banned and having to start all over is a very scary thing because this means having no weapons, no skills etc, but with cheats, it doesn’t matter, you are only there for the fun.

These Cheat sites abovementioned, have their personal spoofers, making them a safe haven fro all your needs.

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