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Encoder-Information-Decoder: The process of management communication.

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Communication system Model

The heading to this post might seem too technical or rather catchy, but, never mind, it is not that deep. Yeah, it might be anyways lol. Well, this is just the best way to describe what I learnt in Management communication in my few weeks at the Lagos Business School.

Just as I am doing with this post, communication serves as a foundation for planning. Okay, away from me and to the main thing.

The essence of effective communication is significant for every business owner or manager in the organization to carry out the most basic functions of management, i.e., Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Communication helps everyone to perform their jobs and responsibilities accurately.


Sorry, I am back to my experience at the Communication class again. A case was given to us to point out the intended verbal and non-verbal; and the unintended verbal and non-verbal. Yeah, the case of Fadipe and Hassan, this case buttresses amongst other things that communication is the act of sending a message through different media; it can be verbal or non-verbal, formal or non-formal so long as it transmits a thought-provoking an idea, gesture, action, etc. Good communication is considered a learned skill.

From that case, I learnt to always consider things that can affect effective communication as a manager, things such as, audience and purpose, frame of reference, shared meaning, experience, Status imbalance and to always know people have assumptions in communication. The point of communication is having a conversation with another person, and this conversation must be two-way for communication to successfully occur.

Just like a quote from Mirjana Radovic Markovic on the importance of effective communication, she said “This central idea is to remember what is communicated especially during times of conflict. In fact, ―you are not being effective when your voice rises, your body tenses, or your temper flares.” This is to say that a piece of good information might be wrongly communicated and the end will be a bad result just as in Fadipe and Hassan.

It is right to say that communication is the process by which the senders and the receivers of information interact in a given social context(context in communication, help interpretation). Information conveyed might be a message, instruction, idea, view or knowledge. It may be communicated from a superior officer to a subordinate officer, and vice versa.

Key points to digest

Finally, key points to digest the lesson:

  • The sender has an idea,
  • The idea becomes a message. Remember that the process of putting the message into a form the receiver will understand is called encoding,
  • The message is transmitted to the receiver,
  • The receiver gets the message and interprets it, a process known as decoding, and
    The receiver feedback the sender about the effectiveness of the information that was communicated.

I hope you learnt something too? So always communicate effectively, and remember that every communication relationship, should be a helping relationship, i.e making deliberate decisions to understand people and to be understood within the context in communication.


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