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Your dictionary definition of Basketball

A   game played by two opposite teams of usually five players on a rectangular, often wooden court with a raised basket at each end: points are scored by tossing or throwing a ball through the basket at the opponent’s end.

Dating to 1986, the U.S. has won six of the last eight World Cups, including   the last two in 2010 and 2014.The US team has already gotten   to the quarterfinals after sweeping the group stage. Through its first three games the team led by South Carolina women’s basket coach and WNBA great Dawn Staley, has demonstrated despite only playing as a collective for few weeks.

The Nigeria national time has emerged as the unlikely but overwhelmingly welcomed surprise of the World. The team also refer to as  D’Tigress  made history when it defeated Turkey  74-68 earning its first win history.

Senegal, which played just hours before Nigeria became the first ever Africa country .To understand how impressive Nigeria’s World CUP.  Nigeria making its first tournament appearance since 2006 in Brazil, where it finished last. This year’s tournament is just its second appearance Africa countries received berths for the World Cup in 1970.

The team qualified for this year’s tournament after winning AfroBasket (the continental championship of Africa ) for the first time in 12years despite been recognize by FIBA as the sixth-best team in Africa.

The FIBA Women’s AfroBasket is the top women’s basketball tournament in Africa which is staged every two years and features top 12 national teams on the continent.The 26th edition which took place in Dakar Senegal August 9-18

Nigeria has one of the most successful women’s nationals team on the African continent and being the current African Champions.They have won the Women’s Afrobasket Championship successively for three times in a roll.They won in 2017 at Bamako,Mali in 2019 at Dakar Senegal and in 2021 at Yaounde Camerooun.


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  1. Go, Go! D’Tigress. Nice Piece Chinyere, Shows there is indeed hope for victory and little wins no matter how many times one fails – The essence is never to give up.

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