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‘Work Ethics’: My Experience 1

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‘Work Ethics’: I worked with an international non-profit organization with its head office in Oslo and Nigeria as one of the many country offices. This humanitarian organization is focused on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and WaSH (Water Sanitation & Hygiene) in North-East Nigeria. I just left another INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) to join this one and it was joyful that I was finally in the best place with good work culture, bigger responsibilities, and of course better pay. It felt as though I made the right decision and was going to have a swell time (enjoyable time). I also looked forward to experiencing a female boss for the first time in my six years career at the time.

So, the Journey Began…

My boss is a sweet soul, she erased all the negative gist in my head about female bosses. This boss of mine (an expatriate) is exceptional, more of a mother than just a boss. She is no longer in Nigeria but we still keep in touch, the bond is so strong beyond words. In her words, “Anthonia, you are the girl child I never had”. She had my back 100%, she corrected in love and she gave me room to make mistakes and grow. She challenged me to taking bigger responsibilities and I was proud of myself. I attained and surpassed targets, I became a better person all round and super elated that I joined the team, looking back at my previous place of work, it is as though this new place was a compensation for my hard-labor, a well-deserved one.

…And there was an addition

Well, everything went smoothly at this new place until this guy joined us, he was a ‘Mr. Kayode Kilo’ (this name will surely ring a bell to my classmates). Let me break it down for you so you can grasp, permit me to use the same name for this person. So, Mr. Kilo was an expatriate from an African country, the whole of his country is not as big as Nigeria (not even close) and Osun State is twice as big as his state (place of birth). He was brought in to be the head of the whole Mission at the time and that was the beginning of our problem as staff. This man joined, calmed down to understand the process, and became a thorn in everybody’s flesh. I mean everybody (Nationals and expats) tasted his wrath. Just one bad egg can of a truth corrupt/destroy the whole.

Sweet workplace in the mud

Indeed, there is a thin line between sweetness and bitterness. A sweet workplace turned sour, caucus set in motion, people recruited, hatred and unhealthy competition became the order of the day. What Mr. Kilo does is, he calls you into his office, tries to make you feel very comfortable. At times shows concern like someone interested in your success, growth and even during general meetings, he will acknowledge how excellent you are, after which he gives you an assignment or should I say ‘task/mission’ to accomplish with promise of fat reward or threat of consequences for not delivering. This means, the ball is in your court. Did I hear you ask, “must I answer when he sends for me?” or you’re saying to yourself “I won’t even give him opportunity to call me”. Well, he is a very strategic and smart man, there is nobody he cannot call.

Is this the end?

What type of a boss or subordinate are you? The good, the bad or the ugly? Some call themselves neutral, what does that mean to you? What motivates you in your place of work? Do you even understand ‘work ethics’ in the business you do or company you run/lead? Is it just about profit? Dear readers, permit me to put you in suspense, you will agree with me that Mr. Kayode Kilo has been established, let’s just call this introductory insight of more to come. This is just the beginning of my blog on ‘work ethics’, watch out for part 2 on Sunday. Have a superb weekend!

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