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In the two movies Dr Strange and Justice League (Snyder Cut) there was one thing that connected them. Let us dive in and explore this connection. In the movie Dr Strange, Steven Strange trapped the celestial being Dormamu in a time loop because he wanted to negotiate the future of the planet. Dormamu negotiated out of annoyance because he considered an eternity doing the same thing “a hell”. Let’s consider the second movie, Justice league (Snyder cut) Cyborg could not separate the “mother box” as a result the super villian Darkseid started his invasion of earth. Barry Allen had to do something, so he ran and ran until he got into the speed force. This altered the timeline and took every character some minutes back in time. Take a deep breath, relax and grab a KitKat (disclaimer: this is not a marketing ad just an expression). Back to our story! Barry Allen also known as The Flash successfully altered the time line. Earlier on I wrote about the existence of a connection between the two movies well, that connection is “time”. Barry Allen had too little of it he tried to get more by running in time; on the other hand Dormamu had to much of it he had to lay a complaint and cancel his conquest of earth. It’s funny how earth is always in the spotlight of attempted conquest. We don’t have the luxury to play with time like Dr Steven Strange and Barry Allen. Time Management is the closest our reality can manipulate the phenomenon “time”.

In Lagos Business School, we had a class that tried to teach us “how to manage your time?”. I would not mind a course teaching me how to run back in time like Barry Allen; but anyway the lesson is centered on around the word “PRODUCTIVE” where each letter denotes one important quality we need to deliberately adopt to learn how to manage our time effectively. Disclaimer again, “this qualities wouldn’t allow you go back in time, science is still trying to figure that out thank you”! “P” in the word “Productive” stands for preparation. Always prepare by scheduling your priorities. “R” stands for “reduction” which means, dispose of every garbage on schedule. “O” order, learn to organize yourself. “D” stands for discipline yourself. “U” unease helps boost productivity. “C” is for concentrating on what you are suppose to do at a certain time, no multi tasking. “T” is for time mastering, the ultimate goal is to master time management just like John Constantine mastered the dark arts. “I” is for information management, Intel is key always work with valuable intel. “V” is for volatility, make room for uncertainties. “E” is for equilibrium, learn to find balance in your life. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you embrace these qualities, then you can manage your time better.


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