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It is imperative that we take responsibility for our actions. Responsibility is the state of being held accountable, having a moral obligation to behave correctly, a commitment to be held liable for deeds carried out. By law, actions have rewards and consequences. A law-abiding citizen has the opportunity of executing his fundamental human rights; right to life, freedom of speech, freedom of association, religion, education, right to vote and be voted for, equality before the law, and fair justice. A citizen that violates these laws will be reprimanded, penalized for his actions, or face possible forfeiture of his entitlements.

As business entities, we have duties to our clients, investors, stakeholders, employees, the public, and also the government. These duties are what uphold the core ethical values of business; transparency, integrity, accountability, teamwork, fair price, high-quality products, and consumer satisfaction as it breeds brand loyalty, awareness, and trust.

The responsibility to government includes full compliance to the law, transparency, contribute to the improvement of society through corporate governance and social responsibility.

Duties to creditors and stakeholders take into account full compliance to the agreement stated in the loan agreement. This simply means that credit loans, cash, or owners’ equity, must be used for the purpose at which it was acquired. Misallocation and misappropriation of funds for the use of alternative projects without proper information thoroughly communicated to the concerned parties could be regarded as fraudulent, and not only is a punishable offence, but unfair to creditors, stakeholders, and misrepresentation of company policy and corporate governance.

Organizations are expected to treat employees as humans with a mind and soul, capable of expressing feelings and emotions, not just as tools of work for the purpose of achieving defined tasks and objectives. Humans possess intellectual abilities and should be seen as resourceful to organizational growth and development. Hence, companies need to continuously improve the skills, knowledge, and abilities of their human resource. For organizational development to constantly be on the rise, different factors influence the productivity of employees, such as good working conditions, open-door policy, non-hostile/conducive work environment, sense of responsibility, achievement, constructive criticism, compensation and incentives, and also involvement in the decision-making process of the organization. With this approach in place, companies have experienced high retention capacity, low employee turnover, workforce loyalty, trustworthiness, increased level of productivity, willingness to work, and high-quality products and services. All the factors help bring consumer satisfaction and maintain good relations between organizations and their human resources.

As individuals, members of a group, and citizens of society, we are not left out of the equation. We have responsibilities to consciously and continuously improve ourselves, our community, the environment we live in, and society at large. Only then can we bring positive change to the world, and serve as beacons of light. Responsibility is accepting that you are the cause and solution of the matter.

Taking responsibility is a commitment to own your life, to self-leadership, growth, and freedom – Christopher Avery.

The price of greatness is responsibility – Winston Churchill.

With great power, comes great responsibility – Spiderman.

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