I Pledge To Nigeria, My What?

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I Pledge To Nigeria, my what?

1st October, 2021, Nigeria celebrated her independence and I was not certain how I felt about it. 

A lot of posts went up that day. One of the posts that got to me was, “people abroad are celebrating the independence more than those in the country.”

I agree some of us do not know what to celebrate- an independent dependent nation.

Last week, eastern states were on lockdown on Independence Day! Fuel price is on the increase, my president was proposing to request for additional loans on Independence Day. 

3rd October, 2021 was a Sunday and I went to church. My pastor declared that we were going to prophecy over Nigeria. In my mind, I said, “this is just what we need, bring it on.”

On The Special Rendition

“We are all we have, we will defend our land”

Timi Dakolo- Great Nation

Service started. The choir led the congregation to beautiful songs in our local dialects. Then, the choir rendered a number. I was familiar with the song, but had not taken time to listen to the lyrics. As I sat, I was drenched in the lyrics of the song and melody as they sang- “We are all we have; we’ll defend our land; we believe in this nation and the promise she holds…”

Memories flooded my heart, the lyrics became stronghold in my mind- we are all we have resounded in my head. If we all abandoned Nigeria, who will fight for her? What will remain of this nation? Our resources are depleting, we complain of bad leadership, of hunger and poverty; of injustice and corruption; then insecurity and of inflation; of poor health and decreased life expectancy. 

Nigeria’s hope is all of us- Nigeria has nothing left, but us. 

On The Nigeria’s Pledge

Like this song was not enough. The choir led us to sing the national anthem and then the pledge.

(Emphasis made by me, reader should read each word as underlined)

I pledge to Nigeria, my country;

To be faithful, loyal and honest;

To serve Nigeria with all my strength;

To defend her unity; 

And uphold her honour and glory;

So, help me God.”

I struggled to get to the end of the pledge for my eyes were filled with tears already. I felt like I was making a sacred commitment to Nigeria. More like I vow to you Nigeria to do these things to you and I asked God to help me. The words felt like fire in my bones and I heard myself after the pledge saying, I will not fail you Nigeria, so help me God. 

In those seconds, I felt anger towards those looting my Nigeria, those desecrating the land and those making us feel hopeless. I felt like walking to their houses to confront them. 

In those seconds too, I remembered my role as a builder and how I can serve Nigeria with my strength and restore the fortunes of the nation. 

This is just me saying, Nigeria is counting on me and I will not fail her. 

I am the builder; I am the restorer, I am the one saying, give it back. 

So, I pledge to Nigeria, my country… Amen. 

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