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Most times, our approach towards a problem will determine the efficiency of the solution we proffer to it.
Let’s start by talking about how we know we have a problem. A problem is usually introduced as a result of a change in the way something had been operating prior. It could be as a result of a change in machinery, change in management, change in income, change in taste, and many others. Recently, we have also been having a lot of relationship problems amongst the young population in Nigeria. I put the question to you to identify what change might be causing this.

However, in order to properly give a lasting solution to a problem, the first step is to identify what the problem is. Once we can properly do this, then we are on the right track to finding a solution. The next thing we have to consider is to identify when the problem started as this will be able to help us relate the problem to the change that introduced the problem. Afterwards, we need to identify who is responsible, and who is affected by the problem and the extent of the damage that is being caused by such a problem. Sometimes, we need to also identify where this problem is being experienced in cases where not all aspects of an entity are experiencing the problem. Finally, we should then be able to identify why we are having this problem.

Once we are able to outline and give answers to the above questions, we will then be able to draw out options or alternatives available to us depending on several criteria that we have setup for ourselves which will help us fulfill the particular objective that we are trying to achieve with the problem analysis. The alternative that gives more preference to the objective we want ends up being a solution to the problem.

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