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You Are Valid!

Anthonia Nnabuko Written by Anthonia Nnabuko · 1 min read >

Like I’ve always told you, there is no perfect human in this life or in the one to come, don’t get me wrong I know we are made perfect in Christ Jesus and when God sees us, He sees a complete perfect person because Christ has bridged the gap, so no imperfection in Him.

Work in Progress

We are all work in progress, not one person got it all sorted out and truth is, life is boring without challenges. There is always a better version of us available, there is this line often used ‘problem no dey finish for this life’… (Meaning problems does not end in this life), everyone’s got what they’re dealing with, including the Otedolas and Adelekes… Our stories differ but be sure we’ve all got a story, some more dreadful than others and when you think your matter is terrible, wait to hear someone else’s, you go mellow (you will calm down)

With all of life challenges, relationship issues & hiccups, money hustle and even coronavirus on another side, it is understandable to be in your shell at times, to be vulnerable occasionally, it is normal to snap every now and then, it is not forbidden, it only shows you’re human. You may have been doing or still doing so much but seeing little returns, don’t be discouraged, be easy on yourself; yes, the other person doesn’t have two heads but never forget ‘time and seasons happens to them all’, your beans no go cook forever, your time go come (the challenge is for a limited time, your own time will come to shine), just be diligent and persevere, He makes everything beautiful in His time.

See Lifting up

You are doing well, also to encourage you to keep up in your craft, your work, your dream, and ambition, they are relevant. Please ignore vain voices, don’t dwell on them because they don’t define you. You see, prosperity and success is a matter of the mind, it is a mindset. You need to take responsibility for your life from now henceforth. When the world says there’s a casting down, do not join them speaking negativity, instead you should speak what you want to see- see lifting up.

Also, be ready to learn, there is no leadership without training. To reign in life, you need training and training does not come easy/cheap (not necessarily monetary). There is no abracadabra to success, success is thorough, it is deliberate and conscious, it will not come easy but it is attainable and profitable (eyes on the goal). Your growth is in your hands my dear, and it starts now.


Growth is a process, growth is continuous, even in dance, some go out of vogue and some other reign (come in vogue), if you don’t train yourself to keep up without being tired, you will become old school and your steps will be irrelevant to the reality or latest of today’s dance…. Growth is a dance, very well-rehearsed, well-articulated, well-practiced, well learnt… it is not on and off switch… it is a process. You are valid, so is your dream, it is time to take action and the time is NOW!

Written by Anthonia Nnabuko
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