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It was Saturday, the 18th day of November and an inter-cohort football match had been scheduled to start at 5pm. The match took place after classes for the day, and as it is the Nigerian tradition, it started a bit late. You all know the African time law, right? It was quite challenging to play especially because I wasn’t used to it. I tried, I gave it my best shot, even though I had not played football in years. It was only natural to feel a little rusty. Running around the field and panting after just a few minutes is something many of you can relate to.

It started as an interesting but funny football game, with a lot of unintended kicks and a lot of us battling to find our feet. The first goal of the game came early with just few minutes into the game. It was our opponent’s first attempt on goal; the very first shot of the match. We didn’t have the best goalkeeper on our side and unfortunately, MMBA5 didn’t come out on top this time. MMBA4 secured a 4-1 victory, with a 3-0 lead in the first half. It was tough to lose, especially when there were missed opportunities like a penalty kick. “But remember, it’s not always about the outcome; it’s about the effort and the experience” I said, just to feel better and console myself

During the match, I sustained a mild injury when an opponent accidentally stepped on you. It was really painful but I could still manage as my mind was so much on the game. Injuries are never fun, but they are a part of the game sometimes. It was a bit swollen when I got home but with the help and directions of my classmate who is doctor, I treated it and it became better with time.

After the match, it was the time I had been waiting for, my biggest motivation on pitch. It was time for some well-deserved refreshments. Small chops and drinks were on the menu and it was really nice to refuel and enjoy some delicious treats after the game. We had enough drinks to go round the team and more to take home for anyone who was interested. We also took some photos before getting set to leave the school premises. Some sort of after party was said to be fixed for unwinding and connection purposes but I could not attend because I had a meeting to attend online. I also needed to rest and recover after giving my all on the field. I’d have really loved to party and meet new people but going home was a wise choice

At the end of the day, the inter-cohort match between the MMBA4 and MMBA5 of the Lagos Business School was an eventful one. Despite the loss, it was a memorable experience filled with camaraderie, effort, and even a few bumps and bruises. What a memorable way to end the week. A weekend to remember for a very long time.


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