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Overcoming Procrastination and Setbacks in Pursuit of an MBA

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Today, I find myself writing with a heavy heart as I reflect on my first stumble in the arduous journey of pursuing my MBA and the lingering sting of disappointment. Last week, the procrastination bug bit, causing me to miss the deadline for submitting my articles.

Considering my substantial investment in this programme, it feels disheartening to falter so early on. I had devised a plan to publish my articles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, allowing me to rest from the heavy workload on Monday to Thursday. I executed this plan successfully in the first week. However, in the second week, last week, I posted the first article on Friday and intended to follow suit on Saturday. Unfortunately, immediately after Saturday’s class on Corporate Financial Accounting, I closed my laptop and immersed myself in various activities, oblivious to the impending deadline, one of which was to rendezvous with a lady I had just met. My reminder to post my third article jolted me yesterday during church service, and the lifeless expression on my face mirrored my realisation.

In the realm of higher education, where the stakes are high and expectations even higher, missing a deadline feels like a blemish on an otherwise pristine record. Last week’s slip-up was a wake-up call, a stark reminder that even the best-laid plans can crumble under the weight of procrastination.

The realisation that I had procrastinated and missed the submission deadline hit hard. The financial investment in my MBA programme and the desire to excel made the experience particularly bitter.

Lesson learned, and I hope my experience serves as inspiration for those who, like me, occasionally procrastinate on seemingly insignificant tasks, believing they can always tackle them later. The revelation is that these seemingly minor tasks hold more weight than we realise.

Moving forward, I plan to adhere strictly to a posting schedule on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, granting me the freedom to engage in other pursuits during the remainder of the week. This structured approach aims to strike a balance between academic commitments and personal freedom, allowing me to pursue other interests and activities during the latter part of the week. At this point, the MBA comes first; everything else comes later—or I’ll find a way to balance it sha.

In sharing this story, I hope to connect with others who may have experienced similar setbacks in their academic or personal journeys. The path to success is rarely linear, and setbacks are an inherent part of the process. What matters is the ability to learn from these experiences, adapt, and persevere.

As someone with a perfectionist mentality, the weight of this oversight has been substantial. However, my life’s journey has taught me not to be excessively hard on myself. I choose to rise above the setback and continue forging ahead. This is my story for today.

Thank you for taking a moment to share in my reflection. May this journey, with all its ups and downs, serve as a testament to the strength found in resilience and the unwavering commitment to personal and academic growth.


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