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Embarking on the MBA journey at Lagos Business School (LBS), I find myself reflecting on the decision-making process that led me here. While my academic history has been marked by excellence, from high school to graduating as the best in the Department of Architecture at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) in 2013, the challenges posed by the MBA experience have caught me off guard.

The overwhelming nature of the MBA program has led me to question whether I adequately considered all variables before making this decision. The feeling of being lost during classes, inundated with an avalanche of information—some absorbed, most passing through one ear and escaping through the other—evokes thoughts of whether I envisioned such a scenario. Would I have still chosen to pursue an MBA if I had taken the time to thoroughly think things through?

These questions linger in my mind during classes and while navigating through assignments, making me wonder if I’ve pushed my limits this time. As someone who thrives on pushing forward with determination, I am confronted with the reality that this will be a genuine challenge.

Returning to the role of a student after years of professional experience may seem like a straightforward endeavor when phrased lightly. How difficult could it be? What challenges could I possibly encounter that I can’t overcome? In my initial research, I received warnings about its time-consuming nature. “Just that?” I thought. I convinced myself that I could create the time necessary for success.

In hindsight, I recognize an element of arrogantly confident academic prowess in my approach. Perhaps I should have delved deeper into the realities of the MBA journey. Nevertheless, this is a hurdle—a daunting one, but a hurdle nonetheless. No matter how high, it must be jumped over.

Becoming a student once again is a shift from the familiar to the uncharted. While the journey may not be rosy, it won’t deter me from giving it my all. The realization that this academic endeavor demands more than just intellect, that it requires resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to learn anew, is sinking in.

As I navigate through this uncharted academic territory, I am prepared to embrace the challenges, learn from the difficulties, and emerge on the other side not just as a graduate but as someone who has grown personally and professionally. Stay tuned for more reflections, insights, and updates as I navigate through the complexities of the MBA experience. #MMBA5


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