I never believed I could write words as many as 500 words until I began writing my weekly blog and it has improved each week with the consistency to which I do them regularly. It has helped me to reflect and think deeply about my MBA class learning each week and having to capture the mind of the faculty as well as create a better understanding of the course and topic of discussion. This reflection has changed my thinking and grown into a better frame of mind.

The weekly blogging gives me the reason to reflect on the subject matter easily with great attentiveness it requires in my learning and with the impression for better understanding of the topic of discussion and helps me go back to the teaching materials for better understanding. At every class my concern will be basically of two things. The first thing will be if I understand what has been taught and the second thing is what I intend to write for my blog.

Also of course, the application of the learning is never undermined but that immediately does not come to mind. I have learned to use my own words to write which has made it easy for me to figure things out easily. I will never undermine the experience gained writing the blog with the dedication to better improve my writing skill and even with no feedback so far on how better or badly I have written. The feedback will help me to see that my blog as seen and followed, and the thought alone will better help me improve each week from all sorts of errors, attentive to details as well as badly worded language. This feedback has been what I expect as a motivation for inspiration. Having been told that the blogging is rewarded with a 5% of the overall grading in the programme course and which might sound infinitely inconsequential but seeing and enjoying it but not only for the little reward of participating in it but also for ensuring that my features appears on the blogging site weekly and I try to recheck maybe I might see posting from someone who have followed my topic of discussion and agreed or disagreed with it or even share some thoughts on the topic of discussion.

My learning to do this blogging should also be reflective in my communication skill and personal interactions with colleagues, family, and friends. I want to believe that with my bloggings for weekly class reflection I will one day engage in doing same with other blogging sites on contemporary or topical issues in the country or around the world. It would be nice to see my features boldly displayed on the front page of the international blogging site on my contribution to those issues who affect humanity and would bring survival to people and the society in general.

I don’t intend to stop blogging even after the compulsory period ends soon to reflect my learnings and understanding but most importantly to better my writing skills and feedbacks on each of my blogs and corrections or opinions made will better aid me with the required carriage needed to regularly continue doing this always.


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