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The M B A course requires a very high level of discipline, critical thinking and focus. It involves a very rigorous and challenging curriculum that covers an even broader range of business topics, including, but not limited to, finance, communication, accounting, marketing, and management. It is designed to prepare the students for the varying leadership roles in the corporate world. That is, to prepare leaders who are expected to make strategic decisions and solve complex business problems in order to enable the growth of whichever field or organization they find themselves.

Why am I undergoing the M B A program?

Ideally, I could say I am undergoing this rigorous, challenging and back breaking process for the purpose of my career and personal development. I could also possibly say that I am taking this course in order to meet with people of different backgrounds in terms of their professions and skill, learn about business management and its interactions with the Nigerian and global market, or network in general. I could even say that it is to be a better and well – rounded person and it would not entirely be the true reason.

Why I am here has been a moot point for me as it might create a bias in the minds of people as some may perceive me as being privileged or entitled; Daddy little’s girl. However, even daddy’s little girl has to grow up sometime.

What I can relate with, however, is to be focused on making the most of this opportunity given now that I find myself here. It would be taken as a different type of learning experience; a new learning opportunity. Thus, I am approaching this opportunity with a growth mindset, and very open to self – discovery and improvement.

I hope to find like – minded people to bond with in our deep and productive search of what to do, how to do it and when to do it. To meet people who we would walk the path of breaking the existing barriers together.

I hope to gain the clarity of process in my career choice; Is this what I want to be doing? In 10 years, would this career path have proven to be an awesome or adequate choice even if some minor adjustments had to have been made along the way. I am very interested in self – reflection and want to make sure that I am making the most of my potential.

I am open – minded and willing to explore different avenues in order to find my place in the world. I am interested in learning from others in a way that only this rigorous program can provide.

To succeed in such a challenging M B A program, students must be able to balance their academic responsibilities with their professional and personal lives which is achieved through delegation of tasks and prioritizing. Thus, I can say I am here to learn the skills required to navigate our busy and competitive world of business.

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