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Our first exams are here, with different kinds of feelings of both nervousness and anxiety as we look forward to writing our first exams at the prestigious LBS.  It’s been a great time here at LBS having to meet and interact with different students from different sectors and having to have some common flow together as course mates.

Exams are a test of students understanding of what they have been thought or asked to learn within a certain period of time which is usually months in most educational systems. So first on our list of the exams is our corporate financial accounting course, CFA for short.

CFA is a course that plays a big role in our everyday lives and  it’s the core of every organization, both the profit and non profit making organizations, as without proper accounting there will be no organization of any type.

A lot has been learnt by me, in the course as I have zero accounting background. And it is interesting to know that most of the things we learn can be immediately implemented in our businesses and jobs.  The course has been an eyeopener to lots of different accounting terms and methods of operations.

First on the list for me was learning how to analyse the financial reports of organizations and understanding the different methods of doing that. Getting to understand different financial terms like balance sheet, income statements, Line items, and lots of others. Though, with all the excitements of having learnt new things, I still feel some form of nervousness drawing close to the exams, not being sure how it will look.

Next on our list later in the day of our first exams is our great Management communication course, which has been another great learning curve with lot more practice than theories and with that being said we can’t but hope we will be able to give another practise tomorrow and hope it meets the standard required of us… lol!

As we close the day with MC, the upper week we look forward to dealing with another dread duo, of Data Analytics and Analysis of Business problem. Both of which has been really educating and challenging us to put the best leg forward.

We are really not sure if we could have had each course on a single day to be able to give it the very best. But like we were thought in MC. We just have to stay really to deliver and be able to perform at optimal level even in situations we consider not as perfect.

I will close here for today to catch some sleep before our D-Day!


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