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True friendship, a bond that's rare.
A connection strong, that we all share.
A relationship built on love and trust.
In each other, we place our utmost.

Why is it hard to find a true friend,
A companion who's with us until the end?
Someone who's loyal and always kind.
A friend who will stand by us, through thick and thin.

Many claim to be our friend,
But do they stick around until the end?
Do they support us through thick and thin,
Or do they disappear when trouble begins?

Some friends come and go,
Like the changing seasons we all know.
They're there for a while, and then they're not,
Leaving us feeling lonely and distraught.

True friends are like rare gems,
Hard to find, but worth the search in the end.
They're the ones who stick by our side,
Through laughter and tears, they're there to guide.

They accept us, for who we are.
In their presence, we feel no bar.
They cherish our happiness and share our sorrow.
Never let us feel, like we're alone in the hollow.

They're the ones who know us well,
Our strengths, our flaws, and all the tales we tell.
They're there to listen and to care,
To offer a shoulder when we need to share.

A good friend knows just what to say,
When we're feeling down or having a bad day.
Their words of comfort and advice,
Help us to move forward and feel nice.

A good friend is a constant in our lives,
Their unwavering support a prize.
We know that they'll always be there,
Through every joy and every scare.

True friends don't judge or criticize,
They don't compete or tell us lies.
They're honest, loyal, and true,
A rare and precious gift, that's what they do.

But finding a genuine friend is hard.
Perhaps it's because we're all so busy,
Focused on ourselves and feeling dizzy.

We rush through life, from task to task,
Ignoring the people, we pass on our path.
We forget to stop and take the time,
To nurture relationships, to make them shine.

Or maybe it's because we're afraid,
Of being hurt or feeling betrayed.
We build walls around our hearts,
Keeping others out and tearing us apart.

But true friendship requires vulnerability,
A willingness to trust, and to be open honestly.
It requires time and effort too,
To build a connection that is strong and true.

So, if you're searching for a friend,
Someone to share your life until the end,
Be patient, be kind, and be true,
And the right friend will come to you.

In the meantime, cherish those you have,
The ones who make your heart feel glad.
And be the kind of friend you'd like to find,
Loyal, honest, and always kind.

For in the end, it's not about the number of friends,
But the quality of the connections that never end.
True friendship is a rare and precious treasure,
A gift that brings us joy beyond measure.

When you find one, cherish that friend.
Good friends are rare to come by.


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