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The assignment of blogging was a tricky one for me. However, taking what had been learned so far in the ABP in terms of critical thinking, a list of topics was curated. These topics were however not exhausted and below is a list of ideas;


  1. As a student, write a short narrative on The Art and Science of Communication
  2. Reflections on the various dimensions of human nature
  3. What are the red flags one can note in any relationship in relation to NHB
  4. Emotional intelligence
  5. children need for their fathers; how it shapes cognitive behavior


  1. My experience of politics in the 2023 Nigerian election
  2. Mummy to a toddler…birth to 2 years, the journey so far
  3. Insurance stuff
  4. A short story highlighting make hay while the sun shines toastmasters
  5. The Do’s and don’ts of public speaking toastmasters
  6. The intensive week of an MBA in Lagos business school
  7. How to de-stress after a heavy mentally draining week at school
Literary DevicesPlotSettingAllusionIrony
Literary ElementsPoint of ViewSubplotAnaphoraFlashback
DeuterogamistLiterary TechniquesContextEpilogueDialogue
Foil CharacterAnticlimaxDenouementCatharsisPersona
Deus ex MachinaForeshadowingHamartiaImageryParadox
Iambic PentameterPersonificationMetaphorRepetitionSatire
OnomatopoeiaRed HerringOxymoronStory BeatSimile

(yes, I was ready to discuss all these topics or relate them to ABP)

  • ‘imperfect mum’, not a Superwoman
  • Find A Poem/Novel and Write About It

A Troubadour I Traverse

Baba Segi’s Wives

Sizwe Bansi Is Dead

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives


  1. Strategic profit model
  2. Navigating the world of financial statements in corporate financial accounting
  3. Income Statement Analysis
  4. Balance Sheet and Leverage Ratios
  5. Cash Flow Statement Analysis
  6. Rates of Return and Profitability Analysis
  7. Control period in reporting data
  8. Financial ratios
  9. Methods of Financial Statement Analysis
  10. Primary objective for accounting is to provide info to aid decision making
  11. Evaluating and improving a firm’s performance
  12. The balance sheet: the life giver for/of financial statements
  13. Understanding the basics of corporate financial accounting
  14. Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank
  15. current assets and fixed assest; how to identify them


  1. Probability
  2. Venn diagram, pie charts histograms and various other things I thought I left in high school
  3. The world of data analytics as a beginner
  4. the world of data analytics as an intermediate
  5. the world of data analytics as an expert 


  1. Decision making
  2. the art of conflict resolution in the business environment
  3. abp: brain work…the more I learn the less I understand

Notes were also taken or ideas to expand on were written such as the below;

  • There are many different techniques and tools that can be used to analyse data, depending on the type of data being analyzed and the specific insights that are being sought. Some common techniques include regression analysis, clustering, decision trees, and neural networks. Software tools such as R, Python, and SAS are commonly used in data analytics, as they provide a wide range of functionality for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization. Data analytics

I do not know if blogging would continue after this semester, but this should give me options to come up with at least 90 blog posts.


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