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This topic “left or right” is really about making decisions, it is a critical and unavoidable aspect of life and requires mastery, those who have grown their skills in this aspect of life, accomplish life long goals, attain a desired destination, hit a fulfilled point , and exceed expectations

Decision is the action or process that leads a particular resolution, it is a critical, rewarding and effective way of living, it will never be old fashioned or go extinct. We will live everyday , making decisions, this not just about the ground breaking decisions, it includes everyday choices, unpaid attention, commitments not thought through, so many undefined moments in our life.

This very art of being decisive touches major aspects of our lives, from what school to attend, to what course to study, who to marry; when you eventually get to that stage in life. How many children to to have, where to live etc., the list cannot be exhausted, you keep going on and on,

Skills required for good decisions is a bit broad, it ranges from problem solving skills, communication skills, analytical ability, leadership skills etc. A very hidden one that actually affects our decision-making process is the ability to accept our biases, process it effectively and make critical decision irrespective of what we know or that has been handed over to us for years.

Interesting to note are different kinds of bias we have , we carry this in subconsciousness and make expensive mistakes based on our biased information False generalized bias, where we base our decisions on existing information that may only be from limited research, we come to a conclusion by extrapolating this decision to other events, sometimes its is anchored bias, or availability bias based on a close occurrence, for example a recent train accident on a major rail station, people come to a conclusion “train travels are not safe. Men from a particular region behave in a certain way, this might be from certain unpleasant experience from a man from that particular region.

It’s so critical that we become self aware, to identify our existing bias, analyze our information because we might as well be limited in our views, this offers compromised decisions. In addition is the need to recognize and accept that we all have blind spots, these blind spots might be areas of limited information., an ignorant position or even myopic views,

Very helpful is the ability to involve well meaning people in our decision making process, sound counsel, experienced mind, contrary views with logical angles, this involvement might just be a turning point for us. Even the Holy books says it clearly, “in the multitude of counsel, there is safety”.

We all need sounding boards, blind spot detectors, a system that helps us cross correct, evaluate, dump expired information and pick up new and elevating ones. In addition is the concept of choosing higher thoughts, picking better options thereby having less falls and erroneous standpoint. it takes a village to raise a child.

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