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Eko Atlantic City is an ambitious project currently being developed in Lagos, Nigeria. The development is set to become a new hub for business and luxury living in the heart of Lagos and is being developed by South Energyx Nigeria Limited (SENL). This project is one of the most significant construction developments in West Africa and is expected to boost economic activities in the region. In this blog post, we will explore the history and development of Eko Atlantic City, its features and benefits, and the challenges faced during its construction.


Eko Atlantic City emerged after the Lagos State Government faced multiple environmental crises, including the threat of flooding and the erosion of the coastline. The solution was to build a new city on the Atlantic Ocean that would be flood-free and provide a solution to other coastal environment issues in the region.

South Energyx Nigeria Limited (SENL), a subsidiary of the Chagoury Group, won the contract to build Eko Atlantic City in 2006. The project, which was initially intended to take ten years, was expected to cover an area of 2.4 square kilometers, and it would host approximately 250,000 residents.

Features of Eko Atlantic City

Eko Atlantic City is a unique project based on the principles of smart-city development, and it features innovative and sustainable solutions that set it apart from other contemporary cities. Here are some of the features of Eko Atlantic City:

  1. Smart city infrastructure

Eko Atlantic City features a smart city infrastructure that offers sustainable solutions for residents. It provides facilities such as fiber-optic networks for communication, smart traffic management, and solar-powered streetlights, among others.

  1. Flood protection system

Eko Atlantic City also features a state-of-the-art flood protection system that will protect the city from future flooding. The system consists of a seawall that is 8.5 kilometers long and covers a width of 200 meters. The wall can withstand waves up to 9 meters high and is designed to protect the city for the next 1,000 years.

  1. Luxury real estate

Eko Atlantic City offers luxury real estate options for residents, including high-rise apartments, condos, and penthouses, designed to provide comfort and luxury living in a prime location. The city also features international-standard shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Benefits of Eko Atlantic City

The development of Eko Atlantic City promises to bring numerous benefits to Lagos State, Nigeria, and West Africa as a whole. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Economic growth

Eko Atlantic City is expected to provide numerous economic opportunities for people in Lagos and the region. The development is set to create thousands of jobs during the construction phase and beyond, including real estate, hospitality, retail, and other service industries, increasing economic activities in the region.

  1. Improved infrastructure

Eko Atlantic City will feature an innovative infrastructure that will reduce traffic congestion and improve transportation in the region. The development will also provide a sustainable solution to environmental challenges, such as coastal erosion, pollution, and flooding.

  1. Boost tourism

The development of Eko Atlantic City will position Lagos City as a prominent destination for tourism, providing a rich cultural experience, and attracting high-profile conferences and events to the city.

Challenges Faced During Construction

The construction of Eko Atlantic City has faced challenges over the years, including environmental and financial challenges, which had slowed down its development. These challenges range from the sea erosion problem in the region, which was the reason behind the development of the city, to the global economic crisis that has negatively affected the investment capacity of the stakeholders.

Environmental challenges, especially the sea erosion problem that prompted the development of Eko Atlantic City, have been a major challenge for the construction of the city. The sea erosion problem in Lagos State has created environmental destruction that has affected both the city and its residents.

However, SENL has been committed to dealing with these challenges by providing innovative solutions that reflect its core values of sustainability and innovation. SENL has conducted various studies and research to understand the environmental challenges faced by Lagos City and has developed innovative solutions such as the seawall and other technologies that will help protect the city and its residents.


The development of Eko Atlantic City is one of the most ambitious construction projects in West Africa, aimed at solving environmental issues and providing economic opportunities for Lagos and the region. The city’s innovative infrastructure, including a coastal flood protection system, smart traffic management, and high-end real estate facilities, will make it a model for smart cities in the region.

Although there have been challenges during the construction phase, SENL remains committed to providing sustainable solutions to the environmental and socioeconomic challenges faced in the region. The development of Eko Atlantic City represents an exciting future for Lagos and the region and will set a new standard for smart cities in Africa and beyond.

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