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Lagos, Nigeria is known for its towering buildings that dominate the skyline. These tall buildings not only make a bold statement about Nigeria’s progress and modernization, but they also offer incredible views of the city’s bustling streets and waterways. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the tall buildings that have come to define Lagos.

  1. Eko Tower

The Eko Tower, also known as the Eko Pearl Tower, is one of the tallest buildings in Lagos. Completed in 2018, the tower stands at 33 stories tall and is located on Victoria Island. It houses luxury apartments, office spaces, and a shopping center. The tower is built with high-quality finishes and materials, including Italian marble and Portuguese limestone. It has modern amenities such as a rooftop pool and a fitness center that provide stunning views of the city.

  1. The Nigerian Stock Exchange Building

Located in the heart of Lagos on Lagos Island, the Nigerian Stock Exchange Building is a skyscraper that has become a prominent landmark of the city. Built in 2000, the building stands at 17 stories tall and is the headquarters of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The building is designed with a modern glass facade and includes a four-level parking garage that can accommodate up to 500 cars. It is a symbol of Nigeria’s economic growth and development.

  1. Union Bank Building

The Union Bank Building, also known as the Western House, is a historic high-rise building located in Marina, Lagos Island. It was completed in 1960 and was one of the first modern skyscrapers in Lagos. The building is 14 stories tall and was once the tallest building in Nigeria. It was designed by British architects and features a modernist style. The building was recently renovated to preserve its historic significance and modernize its facilities.

  1. Civic Towers

Civic Towers is a new development located in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos. Completed in 2020, the building stands at 22 stories tall and includes residential and commercial spaces. It is designed with a contemporary facade and features modern amenities such as a gym, rooftop garden, and sky lounge. The building is built to the highest standards of safety, security, and sustainability, making it a desirable place to live and work.

  1. The Octagon

The Octagon is another new high-rise building located in Victoria Island. Completed in 2016, the building stands at 15 stories tall and includes residential and commercial spaces. Its unique octagonal shape sets it apart from other buildings in the city. The building has a modern design and includes a health club, retail spaces, and a swimming pool. It also offers stunning views of the city and its waterways.


Lagos’ tall buildings represent the city’s growth and development, as well as its modernization and progress. These buildings offer a glimpse into Nigeria’s economic growth and provide residents with modern amenities and stunning views of the city. As Lagos continues to grow, we can expect to see more tall buildings added to its skyline.


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