Man’s Freedom

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Man’s Freedom

There are numerous theories about freedom. There is no single definition.

According to the definition, freedom is the state of being free; the ability to act, speak, or think without externally imposed limitations.

Some philosophers, such as Plato, will argue that free will is an ethical exercise, but others will argue that morality should be separated from free will.

While most people believe that man’s choices are determined by internal and external causes, this does not mean that we should ignore the presence of free will.

This is debatable because there is no apparent differentiation. This is why it is critical to distinguish between these theories.

Consider this: if we are unable to distinguish between such theories, people may believe that with a few tweaks through observation, anyone/some persons may be easily controlled or motivated to constantly act in a way that suits them. We’re not saying this doesn’t happen; we’re just emphasizing the importance of making a clear distinction.

The events that preceded free choice might sometimes determine it.

There are two types of freedom

freedom FOR and FROM

Freedom “from” constraint is to do as one feels.

The term “freedom for” refers to human excellence. / Freedom for (often referred to as “freedom to”) refers to the freedom to aspire or the freedom that leads to greater fulfillment as a human being.

There is no true absolute freedom because every choice we make limits our freedom to the one we choose. Our freedom is thus defined as the power to make decisions and make commitments.

We are genuinely free when we make the proper decisions. When we make poor decisions, we enslave ourselves and limit our future freedom.

It is worth noting that “freedom from” without “freedom for” is self-destructive.

As you may recall, “from” refers to doing as one pleases right/wrong, and “for” refers to doing things that provide better fulfillment as human beings.

As a result, we might conclude that freedom means not only making choices, but making the right ones.

Our experiences and lessons affect our character development and development into the real people we are today.

After watching the “Human Experience” video, we are encouraged to take a step back and evaluate everything that lifts us up, as well as to be thanks for anything that offers us joy or gives us the courage to go on.

We are also reprimand to seek the truth (as the Youtubers did in their explorations of the Orphanage home, Leper Colonies, and living homes on the streets of New York).

Beyond profits, we future managers should understand that we must exercise our decision-making in a strategic and compassionate manner that promotes both the organizational and stakeholder(s) interests True freedom, then, is the realization that we are formed by the choices we make.

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