Why Business School?

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Whether you’re a recent college graduate or you’ve been a member of the workforce for a number of years, it’s entirely natural to find yourself wondering, “Should I go to business school?” While making the commitment of time, money, and energy to get a traditional MBA or a specialized business master’s degree can be daunting, many professionals take the plunge every year for a variety of reasons.

Why Lagos Business School?
I decided to pursue an MBA degree in order to acquire the necessary business and managerial skills to achieve my future goals. I had my first degree in Medical Laboratory Science and then followed this up with a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering. I also have work experience in healthcare and diagnostic research and development. In all my years of study and work, I leaned largely toward the Healthcare service provision and enhancement. When my family setup a diagnostic sales and service company in 2006, it prompted to begin to think years ahead as to what role I would like to play within the company in the long run. In 2021 I was faced with two options; to continue the path of further academic pursuit via a PhD in Biomedical Engineering or to go for an MBA. Because I decided I wanted to play a forefront role in the company set up by my family, I chose to go for an MBA.
My choice of Lagos Business School was because Nigeria was going to be my business home base. It seemed fitting that I should be trained within the business ecosystem I wanted to be a part of in the long term. The presence, also, of skilled faculty members within the institution as well as the reputation of LBS itself further cemented my final decision.

Networking Opportunities

Job opportunities don’t appear out of thin air, even for advanced business degree holders. They often depend on interpersonal connections, and there is no better place to forge those connections than business school. Your cohort of classmates will be populated with peers who are as intelligent, driven, and creative as you are, and your faculty bring a wealth of professional relationships built over years of industry experience to their mentorship role.

Surprisingly, networking is not only possible but can sometimes be even more successful in an online business school program. Well-designed online business programs often feature intuitive digital learning management systems in which you can intuitively interact with classmates as you complete your coursework. A truly powerful online program will put you in touch with diverse professionals from around the U.S. and even the world, and will help you grow a truly global network.

Concluding Thoughts

Business school doesn’t have to be just be about monetary gains. It can be an intellectual pursuit, in which your increase in salary is matched—perhaps even exceeded—by an increase in personal fulfilment. If you are the type of person who seeks to overcome obstacles, who views them as opportunities to exceed what you previously thought yourself capable of, then you need look no further than your potential program’s coursework to see why you should go to business school.

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