Its, been a whole kind of ride in LBS, (First semester part A)

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Hi, its me again, Ifechukwu your favourite blogger. Its been quite a while .

Well it’s been two months and it’s been very hectic and tiring with a lot of mixed emotions. Crying, anger, regrets, frustration and some emotions that I can’t even explain.

oh least I forget the  sacrifices going through this Lagos Business School has literally taught me a lot about sacrifices and it’s made me realize that in just two months they can set your exams in the next week. it’s like I asked myself they literally want us to  learn six courses that are quite new to us and in  just two months and grade us with just this you know that’s very fascinating?  what’s also fascinating is we all came from different backgrounds we all have different understanding to what’s going on in class everyone sees another person as a competition, I don’t still know why?  Some don’t see others as competitions they have their personal goals. LBS has taught me how to wake up around 3:00 AM in the morning and ask myself why am I awake at 3:00 AM in the morning I get to school at 6:00 AM and I’m bothered because a normal routine me usually would get up around 10:00 AM.

 I’m an author I’ve written a book I wrote my first book four years ago and ever since then I’ve been reading books but preparation for my exams into Lagos Business School and me getting into Lagos Business School reading has been very hard in me it’s like I see reading as a very tedious activity to do now it’s like I’m reading to look for money figures “funny” but in a  case class during MC you know she asked about when last did you pick up a book and read and it actually dawned on me that it’s been a very long time and I need to go back and read you know I’m more into watching the movie than reading the book listening to the podcast than reading the book and I feel like taking your time off sometimes to watch a movie could also add to your vocabulary. 

I’ve never heard of the word synergy before and I was watching this series and the guy was telling the business partner I think you should go into synergy and one thing about me when  I hear a word that I’m not used to in a movie I would write it down on my phone or I would research it OK not to lie I don’t research it immediately sometimes I save it in my notes and say oh I will search it and sometimes it stays there for God knows how long.  so it’s been a hell of a ride I’m not going to lie for this two months waking up going to class trying to assimilate what the facilitators trying to pour out for us to understand it’s being very challenging it’s been very,  you know it’s like a test it would make you expand your limits you thought you didn’t have  and you become more limitless. Things I never thought I could do I’m literally seeing myself doing it now I wouldn’t lie I never expected this but I really hope that I do well my first part A.  my part a I know that it was quite a bit late when I started putting so much effort I think I put in so much effort in the second or third week which I wouldn’t consider  late but I wish I had like putting so much, effort to be on the better gamma is that what they say?  I know hard work pays off well my hard work pays off with God hard work on his own just gets you so far to what you would see yourself get but hard work with God gets you where you never saw it coming LBS has got me running around the clock I can’t even lie well it’s been in a kind of right way Business School puts on me.

my exams are starting tomorrow and after my exams Part B commences and I’m ready OK I could take this with God by my side thank you .

Dear reader it was nice of you to read my blog

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