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Climate change has been identified as the problem of our era. The effects are huge and they literally threaten human existence. Most of the causes of climate change are from human activities. The emission size has grown incredibly since the industrial level. CO2 levels have been going up while actions to reverse it are not slowing down. The industrial revolution came at a cost; it led to many companies burning coal and other fossil fuels, releasing them into the atmosphere and ruining the ozone layers. 

Part of the effects of climate change is that the earth is getting warmer than it normally would be. Rising warm temperatures would result in forest fires, melting sea ices, rising sea levels and flooding, deforestation, drought and many more. This makes habitants of the affected places either vacate or adapt to the new life order. It has also made forecasts incredibly hard. Forecasters depend highly on historical data to predict; with the new climate order setting new records, it becomes hard to determine what is likely to happen in the coming days, weeks or years.

World leaders met in 2016 in Paris to discuss a plan to reverse the effects of climate change. This was called The Paris Agreement. However, since the accord, while a few countries are making efforts to meet the agreement, many countries (including world leaders) are not doing enough to meet their ends of the accord. Former United States’ President, Donald Trump, famously described climate change as a “hoax”. Some countries have described it as a Western propaganda that’s promoted by World leaders for their personal gains. These have caused more concern regarding many countries’ perception of climate change. It directly downplays the effects of climate change on people affected by it.

Many countries and leaders are seeing climate change as a politically motivated issue. However, it goes far beyond that because the impact of climate change is felt directly by people in most places. The impact is becoming more visible by the day as many areas are recording unprecedented reports for their climate situation. Some forecasts have mentioned that it’s possible for earth to cease to exist by the next century. Some have predicted milder consequences. Notably,  some scientists are also accused of not speaking up against the atrocities that are worsening the effects of climate change. This is mostly financial or politically motivated. 

One noteworthy part of the discourse is that climate change is a global problem and it specifically requires the entire world to actively work towards a sustainable solution. Efforts made by certain countries while many others are not doing much would not amount to a reasonable reversal of the problem. The world is a village that shares the same climate situations; a part  can not be fixed while others are worse off.

Thus, it is crucial for countries to continue to make conscious efforts to battle climate change and make the world more habitable for us and for coming generations. Earth’s sustainability even goes beyond humans to animals and non living beings.


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