Climate Change and lessons learned

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The video talks about Climate change being of great concern to human existence and not being lost in the issues that may arise as a result of the challenge. Many Leaders in the world decided to meet in Paris to discuss solutions to the numerous challenges that threaten humanity’s existence and their long-term viability due to the pressure put on the leaders for concrete action to be in place and not make empty promises or play politics with human lives.

The amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere around the world has remained relatively constant for thousands of years since the beginning of the industrial revolution in 1950 and the size of the emissions increased drastically. While efforts to reduce CO2 have not slowed, levels have been rising.

The idea that climate change is a global issue that specifically calls for the entire world to actively work toward a sustainable solution is an important part of the discussion. A reasonable reversal of the issue would not result from efforts made by some nations while many others are doing little. The world is like a village with similar climate conditions; some things can’t be fixed, but others are worse off.

The plan to slow down the climate change issues brought about by the Paris Agreement

The agreement was signed by world leaders in 2016, and the goal was to slow the rate of temperature rise after 3 years and worldwide CO2 levels are as yet rising.

The United States withdrew from this agreement, Russia and China were labeled unscrupulous, and Turkey and Poland want to construct more power plants that use coal. Positive developments include significant renewable energy projects in India, Morocco, and The Gambia, as well as increased awareness.

To fix this;

The system that has allowed this to happen must be changed. For things to change, there needs to be a bigger push. Politics and everyday business need to change.

This can be accomplished by using renewable energy, driving less, taking the train more often, cycling more, and being a little bit more careful with what you eat.

If we don’t change our ways, climate change will take care of them for us.

As a result, it is absolutely necessary for nations to keep making conscious efforts to combat climate change and make the world more habitable for us and future generations. The sustainability of the Earth extends beyond humans to include non-living things like animals.

The lessons learned from the video therefore include;

  1. That our energy consumption and actions can have an effect on the environment.
  2. The need to make conscious efforts to make our actions more efficient and less harmful to the environment.
  3. That increased activity and the distribution of power for our consumption are increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere hence rethinking and concerns are warranted in light of the growing population and pollution.
  4. That we need to shake things up and change our ways else; climate change will do it for us.


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