Bridging Local Female Skill Gaps Panacea to Nigerian Economy Development.

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As the country continues to seek measures to boost its economy, experts have stressed the need to bridge the gap that exists between local female entrepreneurs and the global market as a panacea to national development.

In view of this,  360 Woman Africa has trained over 100 women through its mini MBA enterprise skill development program launched in 2021.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony in Lagos recently, the lead facilitator and coach Dr, Yvonne Chioma Ofodile alongside a few of the faculty present encouraged all the graduating students to see themselves as the solution to Nigeria’s economic problems.

“We urge you all to go out and be worthy examples of the 360 Woman Africa Brand, their country, and the world at large following the best industry practices and ethical standards available.”

She also stated that entrepreneurship even though it can be very daunting, “if they don’t lose their passion, energy, determination, resilient spirit, dedication to work, the excellent spirit you will be rewarded in the long haul etc.”

According to her, “students who have successfully graduated will be inducted into the 360 Woman Africa Entrepreneur’s Community where they will have continuous access to mentorship, networking, and available resources from 360 Woman Africa, they are also eligible to apply for the 2022,360 Woman Africa Enterprise Grant and stand a chance of winning a part of Five Million Naira as funding for their businesses.”

The program, which was launched and positioned to bridge the skill gap needs of women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, is tailored to raising leading business women who will build profitable and sustainable businesses from Nigeria to across the globe. 

She noted also that the program is also aimed at increasing the number of highly skilled business women leaders and women-led businesses in Nigeria and providing seed capital and grants for women-owned businesses.

However, she maintained that the program will increase financial inclusiveness for women in Nigeria and become the largest ecosystem for women entrepreneurs for community building and mobilization, educational advancement, exchange of ideas, advocacy, inter-trade networking and representation, and legal representation.

With modules and a syllabus that contains global standards in business development, the mini MBA will enable women to run and grow successful enterprises which will in turn solve employment problems, promote our economic stands and increase trade across all levels.



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  1. Mini MBA of 360 Women Africa is a skill acquisition and entrepreneurial development program for the emancipation, and financial freedom of women living below the poverty level. This initiative will surely complement Government efforts geared at reducing unemployment.

    However, potential applicants would want to know the entrepreneurial skill available and the criteria for participation.

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