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Sometime last week we had a class test in data analytics to test what we have learnt so far. This test was solely based on what the facilitator had taught us and he did not go outside the topics. This was very nice of the facilitator because unlike others, you are given a certain area of concentration and they deliberately go outside where they directed you to bring your questions.

This test was a seven-question test and it lasted about three hours. We were informed about the test three days prior to the test day so I had short time to prepare. On the test day, I opted to write it physically as we had the option to either write it physically or online. After logging in to access the questions, I scanned through the page to have an idea of the type of questions asked and to also know the level of difficulty.

I discovered some of the questions seemed familiar and others required rigorous thinking. Without wasting so much time, I started solving. I started with the easiest ones first so as to secure my marks and create time to think about the more difficult questions.

I found four of the seven question easier to solve but the remaining three took a lot of deep thinking because it was the last topic we treated and we didn’t go so deep into it so I had to expected questions from there. I was basically just using idea to carry it.

I figured out how to solve these questions but I was unsure of the answers I was getting and because of this doubt I solved the questions half way and left it. I thought it would atleast be better to get half mark than totally miss it but I was wrong. Whatever you have done or solved it’s better to submit it and be wrong than not put in your best because all what I did would have been correct and I would have gotten the full marks.

Fast-forward to the next class, the facilitator sent us the solutions and then we had corrections in class. Before the facilitator arrived in the class, I had reviewed the solutions and had seen all my mistakes. I was totally filled with regrets because it wouldn’t have cost me anything to submit the figures I had regardless of how I felt about them. I could already guess my score based on the solution I saw and it was lower than I expected. A lot of my colleagues seemed to be in similar predicaments. We were all sharing our predicaments amongst ourselves. While some made mistakes in almost all the questions and might get very little scores, others made fewer mistakes and were pretty confident they would have high scores. I found myself somewhere in the middle. 

I know better now to read all the course material provided because it is always the questions you think would not be asked that would be question one. Also, it is better to write your unsure answer and miss than not write it at all and still fail it.

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