Quoting from the scriptures, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). As children, we had no clue that our parents were equipping or arming us with various skills to help us on our life’s journey. Some of us wished we could be far from them, or, I would rephrase, that we were in a hurry to become adults. Little did we know that we would continue to hear their voices echoing and unconsciously re-emphasizing the need not to depart from their training, despite the distance, when we still reside in our own space or long after our dear parents have joined their ancestors. I am certain you can still hear that voice even today.

Caring for other people, animals, and property.

We never liked being saddled with the chore of looking after our siblings, especially if you are the first child. This is always expected from our parents. We had no idea that this was empathy. Sometimes, we are told to watch over the dog or take care of the house. This also builds responsibility, as they should be able to care for others.


We need to make sure that our kids acquire this important life lesson as they get older. This increases their self-assurance as they interact with various people and makes it possible for them to form close friendships. They are skilled at communicating their ideas respectfully and responsibly respectful and responsible manner. To avoid speaking in an inappropriate tone, youngsters must also consider before they speak. As seen by the way their child speaks or interacts with others, I would suggest that some parents in recent years have not made use of this expertise. When you hear someone advising you on how to speak to your older relatives, take note that the communication has become inappropriate. Let’s as parents not give up on making sure that our kids learn this ability properly.


“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” we frequently say. This is to underline how crucial being clean is. It takes persistence and assertiveness, or firmness, to teach this talent. Teach children that they must put their toys back in the toy box or other designated spot as soon as they are finished playing with them. We must consistently convey to youngsters at all phases of their lives that keeping things tidy is important as they grow. Hygiene is equally crucial in this situation because some people feel unmotivated to take a bath or even brush their teeth. Body odor must be eliminated immediately (use of deodorants as they reach puberty). You are communicating to them that it is unacceptable to be thought of, as a messy or untidy person, by teaching them to make their beds, sweep and mop their rooms, wash their clothing, clean their bathrooms, etc. Teaching our female children how to take excellent care of themselves and maintain cleanliness while they are menstruating is equally crucial.


This skill helps our children comport themselves all through life’s journey, in their day-to-day activities, and guides how they relate with other people. Good manners and etiquette will equally help our children with their personality traits as they mature and get ready to leave on their own. Table manners—how to greet people, how to address people such as Mr. Peter, Uncle Bisi, Miss Ngozi, Grandma, et al. Behavioral skills in public are also key to this skill. Again, good manners aid in endearing people to us and giving us acceptance.

The best way to teach these skills is by practicing them for our children to emulate. As we say in Africa, “do as I do” means emulate me. Let your child or children learn from you. Yes, you can expect more tips on this topic.



Utannah Dania in General
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