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What is the secret to achieving the most important thing in my life? How can I achieve my dreams and aspirations? Have you ever asked yourself those questions? Each of us has personal priorities in life, and based on them we have dreams and aspirations.

This message is for the person who wants to lose a few pounds but cannot stop eating unhealthy food. It is for the person who wants to live more comfortably but does not want to save money. Or for the athlete or musician who wants to develop his/her talent but does not want to spend time developing it.
It is also a message for the student who wants to get better grades but does not want to take the time to study. Or for parents who want to raise their children well but do not want to take the time to share with them and teach the. It is for the Christian who wants to achieve Eternal Life but does not want to leave the old life. So, I ask you then, what is the biggest goal you want to achieve in your life?

Dear readers, There is a price to pay for everything worthwhile on planet earth. If you desire to stand out, then you must be ready to pay the price of success. Nobody can achieve success in marriage, career or life without dedication. You cannot become a success without paying the price.

Every winner is a story of dedication. You have a vision? Fix your eyes on the target and be ready to work really hard on it. Always remember there is no feast without a sacrifice. The free education that many people benefited from was not actually free; someone paid the price for them. Nothing is free; everything has got a price and you must be ready to pay it.

I have met different people who know what they want to do but have not found out the cost of getting it done. As such, most times they work in cycles and never move forward. Dreams without dedication and focus becomes mere daydreaming. I am yet to see anyone become a star without the needed sacrifice. If you really want to be successful, you must be ready to pay the price. Most people want to blow (succeed) just like that; it will never happen. It cannot happen just like that because success doesn’t just happen. Have you ever seen a woman who just got pregnant without having sex? If that cannot happen, so will success never happen without dedication? There is a price to pay.

You cannot be successful in your comfort zone. What is your comfort zone? What won’t make you successful? Identify it and yank it out of your life, so you can move up. What’s the use of the friend who is not challenging you to get better? What’s the use of the friends who won’t help unleash the greatness in you? Resolve to live your dreams. Resolve to stand out in life. Resolve to become better off. Resolve to remove from your life anything that won’t move your life forward. Anything!

The price of success is not negotiable. For you to enjoy real success, you must be ready to stop complaining. Stop looking for shortcuts and pay the full price. The newsmakers today paid their price yesterday. For you to be a newsmaker tomorrow, be ready to pay the price today. Determine how badly you want to reach your goals and pay the price too. Strip off habits that are limiting and move on. Be ready to work hard. Until you start working, nothing will work.
The price you will pay is actually personal. No one can pay your price for you. For instance, people only go to matriculation or convocation ceremonies to thank God for you, they won’t be there to take lectures with you or submit your assignments for you. I am waiting to read your success story, please pay your price to enjoy the prize of success.
Start now.


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