Marketing in a secondary healthcare facility

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Orile Agege General Hospital is one of the secondary healthcare facilities in Lagos state under the ministry of health. The hospital is a multi-specialist facility that offers a wide range of qualitative health care services to the citizenry of Lagos state.


To deliver prompt, qualitative and affordable healthcare services in a friendly environment, in line with International best practices.

We provide premium healthcare to high-earned clientele and accessible services to other cadres.

4Ps of Marketing (Marketing mix)

A marketing mix is a set of tools that the firm uses to pursue or achieve its market objectives in the market target. It helps to define marketing options so that offering meets specific customers’ needs or demands.

Four Ps                             4Cs

Product                            Customers solution

Price                               Customers cost

Place                               Convenience

Promotion.                    Communication

  • The firm can achieve its objectives by meeting customers’ needs economically and conveniently with effective communication.


  • Offerings:  healthcare services as the client arrives at the hospital.
  • The target audience is defined; as all cadres are attended to but prioritize high-earned clients (fast-track services).
  • There is the availability of concierge services for premium customers.
  • The hospital offers core services, supplementary goods and services, facilitating and supportive services.
  • Core service – medical procedures that solve patients’ problems
  • Supplementary services – consultation, hospitality.
  • Facilitating services – information, billing and payment method.
  • There are expanding laboratory services to accommodate more laboratories and radiological services
  • There are continuous product innovations, such as Annual and bi-annual comprehensive medical check packages.
  • Auditing and analysis of the services will help in identifying missed gaps

There are expanding laboratory services to accommodate more laboratories and radiological services. There are continuous product innovations, such as Annual and bi-annual comprehensive

health screening packages.


Pricing is subject to government policy, controls, reimbursements, individual benefits and consumer price elasticity.

The unit adopts a transparent pricing system, offering the best care to customers at lower prices. We lower the cost of simple tests and procedures to encourage customers to use services and gain their trust.


  • Physical access – the hospital is easily accessible and strategically located. Due to effective spatial distribution and layout, patients can arrive quickly and experience healthcare services without great difficulty.
  • Time access – the hospital offers 24 hours services. All clinics run from 8 am to 4 pm daily; emergencies take priority and are treated with every sense of urgency.
  • Length of waiting time – in the service areas, the time between calling and having an appointment is reduced following staggered positions. Patient visits to the hospital vis time management are better. The patient’s date, time and number for reviews and follow-up visits are appropriately managed.
  • Provision 24/7 phone access tour services.
  • The front desk procedures are reviewed and optimized to streamline patient onboarding.


Promotion and communication strategy is a critical component of the services marketing mix strategy by which hospitals can communicate their health services to customers. The hospital management first examines the customers’ needs in the environment it serves and chooses the communication tools that suit the clientele. In addition, the promotion allows organizations to differentiate themselves at corporate and brand levels.

  • Social media profiles –  the hospital uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with existing and potential patients and share valuable information about the facility, establishing authority and trust by sharing valuable professional content.
  • Engaging storytelling – clients give testimonials about their journey and experience while in the hospital. These captivating narratives connect with our patients and convey the organization’s values which have helped resolve issues and conflicts.
  • Health education and awareness – the chief nursing officers engage the client by giving health educational talks and healthy tips.
  • Educational videos to keep clients engaged while waiting to take their turns to access services.
  • #MMBA3


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