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The flaws that affect the majority of people were exposed by Covid-19 in ways that were impossible for us to foresee. It also shed light on the significance of parenting and the influence that adults have on their offspring. During this time, I had a short talk with a man and his son who were both parents. On the basis of our conversation, I am able to assert that the father and kid benefited from Covid in a greater degree than would have been anticipated.

Olajide, a diligent employee who had worked for more than 13 years at one of the top financial institutions in Nigeria, was set to be promoted in April 2020; however, due to the global cholera outbreak, the promotion was postponed until further notice. Olajide was incensed that he had been left out, and he vented his rage on the people under his command. It was eventually necessary of everyone, including him, that his workplace’s branch cease all activities. This made him more frustrated than he already was because he found it inconceivable to envision not being able to work from home or live in his own place in the future because of this. He made it a habit to return late from nightclubs, parties, or any other activity in order to avoid taking care of his pregnant wife or performing his duties as a parent. This allowed him to dodge the responsibilities that come with being a parent.

Michael, his son, who was 12 at the time, received the brunt of his enraged father’s screaming and would regularly run to the house of our other neighbor to get away from it. Michael absorbed the brunt of his father’s anger. Everyone was aware of Jide’s foul temper, despite his best efforts to conceal it, and he never tried to control it.

When Jide’s nephew or niece cried out to him, asking, “Uncle Jide, why do you always hit me?” He felt ashamed and dumbfounded at the same time. After that, Jide made an attempt to attack his son, but we stopped him and took him down.

Jide had an in-depth discussion with another father in the neighborhood, and as a result, he decided to start a new chapter in his life. Everyone was taken aback when he suddenly resigned his job and prioritized spending time with his family. He did this before the course of the next few weeks. He admitted to himself that in the past he had put his career ahead of his family in importance.

Jide and I had a conversation not too long ago, and during our conversation, he admitted to me that he recently had, and that during our conversation, he told me that if he hadn’t made that decision, his selfishness would have caused him to lose his family, and that he was glad that we intervened on that fateful day. Today, he has a wonderful relationship with his kid and is working on developing his ideas for a new venture, which will be a small business.

Michael is happy with his life right now, and he loves showing me all the skills he learned from his father. He exudes self-assurance and has aspirations of becoming a pilot in the future.


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