Product – One of the 4Ps of Marketing

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The 4Ps of Marketing are Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Lets us dwell on the first element which is the Product.

What’s the key to creating and introducing a revolutionary new product? How do business owners go about turning a fantastic idea into a product that is ready for the market?

Your dreams for the invention will be greatly aided by your entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration. Even if the product development process may seem a little strange or difficult, sticking to a set strategy will increase your chances of producing a product that is successful on the market.

How do I generate new product ideas?

While a brilliant idea for a new product may strike in a “eureka” moment, successful new product development more frequently results from a deliberate and planned procedure.
Keep in mind that developing new products doesn’t always require cutting-edge innovation. Instead of aiming to “transform the game,” several organizations have introduced very successful new products by thinking incrementally.

Start with what you already know

As a business owner, you have a solid understanding of your market and clients. You are aware of typical problems, obstacles to purchases, and the market environment. Spend some time evaluating your current product portfolio in light of these factors, and then consider whether you could adjust your selection in light of what you’ve learned to better fulfil client needs.

Consider the entire customer experience

While a customer is using your product or service, the customer experience doesn’t begin and end. A few examples of non-product factors that will influence your customers’ experiences include the usability of your online booking system or shopping cart, as well as the accessibility and efficacy of your customer care function. Can you redesign how you deliver your goods or services to make a more alluring proposition?

Undertake in-depth market research

Even though you probably already know who your main rivals are, do some preliminary research on Google and social media to see what comes up when people search for terms related to your new product concept. Examine several products, pricing, and delivery models to determine whether your new product idea is sufficiently distinct from what is now available.

If you believe there is potential for your future product, think about conducting market research. Focus groups, user interviews, workshops, and surveys may all fall under this category. You can handle this individually or employ a market research firm to assist you, depending on your budget.

You should have a succinct description of your new product at the end of this procedure that outlines its features and advantages and can be comprehended by someone who is unfamiliar with it.

How do I find suppliers to make my new product?

It’s time to start considering product production once you’re satisfied with your new product prototype. You might handmake the product yourself or outsource it to a manufacturer, depending on the nature of your product. Selecting the best provider is crucial if you decide to work with one.
No matter how intricate your supply chain is, your new product will require inputs (the ingredients needed to make it), and you’ll also need to think about things like storage, order fulfilment, and shipment. To comprehend the effects of a supply shortage or other situations, you should carefully go through these areas.

How do I get great product photography for my new product?

Whether you’re advertising online or in-store, it’s difficult to overestimate the value of great product photography. Nothing screams amateur more than blurry, poorly composed or badly lit product photographs.

Photography equipment is expensive, and capturing the right light, product features and styling for your new product is usually best left to a professional photographer. If you’re not in a position to pay for professional product photography, learn some expert tips and tricks for photographing your products.

How do I develop a business plan for my new product?

A comprehensive business plan can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to new product development. The business planning process will require you to take a structured approach to assess your new product idea in the context of the market, clarifying your financial objectives and outlining your plan for the future


These questions above are important because they determine if your product will truly be viable. This affects your entire business because, without a great product, you’ll need to sink a lot of money into promotion and marketing to gain the interest of your target audience.


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