The Doom of Global Warming 

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Global warming can be likened to climate change which entails continuous changes in temperature and weather conditions.

The world began to feel the negative impact of global warming in the early 18th century, this sad evolution has existed till date and continues to be more pervasive all year round.

Humanity consistently provoked nature to her recent continuous outburst, thereby gradually becoming an endangered species, as it confronts this wrath it had brought upon itself due it’s activity.

Remarkably, one of the principles that guides the engineering of the universe is inputs and outputs: “what you give to nature will be returned with consequences”, unfortunately the inputs from humanity has caused detriments to the world at large.

Africa, even though might be favored by divinity not to have continuous environmental hazards compared to developed countries due to their poor level of industrialization, which in this regard might be tagged as blessing in disguised. Also, worthy to note is her high preservation of the course of nature, less industrial waste emissions into the atmosphere, as this might pose as an advantage. However, her lack of good environmental waste management systems is consistently placing her on a high-risk level, similar to developed countries.

Burning, dumping of refuse in the water ways and poor engineering around urban development is also a key challenge that is exposing the entire continent to this doom.

As the world goes green, Africa is finding it hard to catch up as underdevelopment is hindering the strive to easily switch from the inherited carbon motivated industrial and social behavior, from the developed economies to a greener industrial and economic behavior.

Africa cannot afford her own switch as there are little or no infrastructure and resources to catch up, we are struggling on how to build dams to fight flooding, instead of dwelling on building our own electric cars, adopting greener industrial practices, creating sound environmental policies, encouraging nature friendly agricultural practices. Asides from the flooding across some parts of Nigeria created as a result of water from dam released in Cameron, there have been some other reported cases of flooding in the past, especially in Lagos, due to sand filing of the lagoons typically on Lagos Island environs. The effect of the sand filling resulted in water finding its level into the residential areas and adjourning neighborhoods especially the low-cost housing estate, denying many of the occupants of their homes over a period of time.  

The world must collectively start preparing to fight the evil that she brought upon herself, in the light of this, African businesses must exponentially increase the strive to adopt robust Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies as part of her contributions in terms of social responsibility and accountability. If we all fail to act, then we will all be doomed by the wrath of our negative activities against nature.

The predictions of the consequences of global warming are scary and may ravage the world, if drastic actions are not taken to mitigate its effect. Therefore, world leaders are urged to continue to take proactive steps to limit the negative impact of global warming on human race.


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